Influential disses Khago, Octane, Dr. Love and Mr. Vegas with PON DE LIVE

Influential disses Khago, Octane, Dr. Love and Mr. Vegas with PON DE LIVE

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Dancehall-reggae artiste Influential is generating a major buzz and controversy with his single, 'Pon De Live' that name-calls several dancehall artistes who have been keeping up all sorts of shenanigans on social media during the last few months.   

"I just wanted to do a song to show the insanity of what is doing on. A lot of artistes are making problematic statements to try to get attention, and misjudging use of social media to share personal moments, others ah show a lack of self-awareness and good sense, nuff ah dem ah overdo it and the whole Jamaica know it, so mi decide to sing about it and the response had been incredible so far," Influential said. 


"Mi never have a song that take off so fast, over the weekend, mi get call say it ah play inna a club in New York, everybody love the song and agree with what mi a say,crazy love mi ah get inna the streets with it, people see me and a shout 'Pon De Live'," he said.


On YouTube, the song has racked up several thousand views online since its release one week.Commentators raved about the song. One said: "Have this pon repeat for 20mins straight love it. social media turning people into damn fools. Have this pon repeat!".


Another one remarked: "Vegas Mekk Pastor haffy diss him pon di live....Vegas Mekk himself into a mockery."


He is a firm believer in social commentary and his latest song, Pon De Live' focusses on the obsession with social media, and how people have been using social media to expose personal aspects of their life in a way that has never been done in the history of the world. Influential plans to amp up promotion for the song in the streets this week. 


"Some people already ah go put the song on their mixtapes, so it's a good look, the video is already out and doing well," he said. 


Influential is known for the singles, 'Road Hog', 'Suffer' and 'Cancer'. He has toured Europe and the United States as part of I Wayne's team in the past performing his songs. 


Born Richard Powell, he is originally from Manchester. He has had a rough life, losing his parents to cancer, being divorced and suffering numerous reversals in life. He channels his pain through his music. Now, he is trying to change how people use social media to deal with their personal pain. 


"Social media needs to be used in a responsible way, these people are disgracing themselves and Brand Jamaica by the way they act, dem can do better man," he said.

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