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Dancehall and graffiti artiste LA Lewis filed an official police report that he had been accosted by men affiliated to Sizzla on New Year's Day in the Waltham Park area.  
"I had gone to the Paint Shop on Waltham Park. Mi wine down all the window and leave mi two little baby dem in the car and go in the paint shop. Then mi see one of Sizzla bobo friend dem walk over with two man, and dem drape me up so mi ease dem off, and people come down pon dem, and mi go back inna the car. Then one of the man dem go pon him phone and say " 'Dada, we have him now', and mi try drive off, and the man dem throw rum and chaser and wet up me and mi two kids dem inna the car," he told one876 EDITOR Claude Mills. 
LA Lewis said he went to Hunts Bay to file a report, and they directed him to Half Way Tree police station where he filed an official report. 
"When the policewoman see how mi two little kids get wet up with rum and chaser, she almost break down in tears. Wah kinda man de ya fi do that to kids? This never happen when mi and Beenie have friction, or me and Bounty, this gone outta entertainment," he said. 
Ten days ago, there was a leaked video showing LA Lewis in flagrante delicto,  performing oral sex on a woman. Then, one week ago, Sizzla lambasted LA Lewis for the leaked video during his performance at the GT Taylor Xtravaganza show in St. Elizabeth, declaring that : "LA Lewis, anytime me see yu again me ago kick yu under yu throat.” 
 “Some bwoy a claim dat a dem a run de place and de gal a siddung inna dem face. Hey nasty bwoy LA Lewis… a New Year a come and de youth dem a defend education…We bun out down inna throat and you get bright a shove yu face inna gal nookie,” Sizzla roared while the crowd cheered. 
After that declaration, LA Lewis hit back online, saying that "more than 95 per cent of the dancehall/reggae industry" performed oral sex but refused to admit it. 
"When Sizzla a burn LA Lewis, him fi go burn the tings dem whe a gwaan inna di country like di road dem whe a fix and other things. Him need to taste it if him no start or admit say him dweet," he told a popular news outlet. 
Now, after this latest 'face-off' in the streets, LA Lewis appears to be backtracking on his comments. 
"I want to apologise to the rastafarian community, if Sizzla feel say is a diss, mi apologise, because right now, my kids are involved, I never knew it would get violent till man ah pop off gun pon me on my way to August Town, and now wet up mi pickney dem inna car," he said. 
He said he made his comments within the realm of entertainment. 
"Mi waan apologise and done with this thing. Mi only say those things because he was inciting violence against me at the stage show. But Sizzlaah  tek this thing too serious now, me and him have the same lawyer so if him did have a problem, him shoulda call me. Mi go Rema, Jungle, and Tivoli and nobody nah diss me, Reverend Al Miller see me and say him no see anything wrong with it , so what is all this about then?" he asked. 
He has released a new single called 'Low Mi Mek Mi Live Mi Life' on the Trillionaire Records label. It will be available on downloadable platforms such as Amazon.
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