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Sunday, 01 Feb 2015
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As the sun began to penetrate the aqua blue flesh of the Caribbean sea, the redish pinkish tone of the Jamaican sky was in an uncanny compliment to the red and pink fabric covering red and pink meat and on the Cosmo Beach. Yards and yards of pink cloth donned the white sands at Pretty in Pink Appletion Temptation Island 2011 (ATI).
The day rave never missed a beat and even the Goddess Juno herself probably
donned human form and dutty wined to Matterhorn, Creep to Ele but didnt bother to pull up to Ding Dong.

A smooth and quick bar kept the patrons ineberated as the parfum of Negril ganja intoxicated and meditated a uberistic young adult crowd. Bikinis, thongs, meshes, skin tights, jeggins and spray paint (yes only spray paint) variations of pink clung violently to the bodies of the full hundred female party goers. The party seemed like a bare it all fleshfest was in tow as each nubile princess was more feral than the last. Fiesty yet fun loving these women, would stamp Pretty in Pink 2011 in the minds of thousands of intoxicated ATI'ers.

Despite what the media and goverment reports, daggering was not postponed, as couples at Pretty in Pink 2011 lay flat on the sands of Negril, as they wined, bucked, dry humped, ....penetrated.... and participated in a hedonistic form of revelry that would make a Roman blush. Being jolly with the lolly in her mouth seemed to be a hit with most women while adding to the fever pitch excitement being experienced by all heterosexuals... single or not. As the sounds pulsated from the sands of the Cosmos beach, the entire 7 mile strip appeared alive by the carnivale of activities. The entire parish seemed to awakened by the sound of
Appleton Temptation Island as it was on the lips of all Jamaicans from the dissappointed under aged 15 year in Ironshore, Montego Bay to the old rasta fisherman taking in the God awful traffic on the outskirts of Lucea. Any radio station worth its salt ran ATI ads seemingly unendingly. Big up Rain from ZIP fm. The hotbed of Kingston was drained of the usual excitement as the disposable income of thousands was drawned to the new IT spot. Today going into tonight, that spot would phoenix at Appleton Temptation Island ATI's Pretty in Pink.

Deejay Marley could observe a littany of activities on the sands. Some were indulging in body painting, tattoos, peircings, others were wining and skinning it out, tasetefully and tastelessly at the free photo booth, still some were joining the buffet lines for the salacious food... which Im glad i didnt have to join none tall. Straight VIP!

The VIP was lacking a screening but the crowdless bar and no food lines quickly made up for that misnomer. The promoters sure went to farm on this one as cow, goat, pig, chicken, sea food and top shelf liqours were only an outstretched hand away. Surf and Turf, energy drinks, coconut rum and the devil's piss called Hennessy was stocked aplenty. The always popular Henny which was poured by one of any several buxon Hennessy girls was started to take it toll on my sobreity, but alas two video vixens (from Sean Paul and Leftside video) saw my plight and took to icing down your boy's summer body then icing down there each other. Kinky. Realisation set in that the 4 girls to 1 guy ratio had forced packs of girls into a sinful but strangley arousing dancing orgy. Baggy wining against baggy, Victoria Secrets rubbing labias together and the pink bunny tail on the butt of one girl against the helly kitty face of this other girl. Delilah would be shy. Why go to to LTI? When theres Pretty in Pink!

I give this Pretty in Pink and 3.5 star out of 5. And .5 star was taken cuz me never get me backstage media band!!!
a joke ;p 4stars
1 star cuz VIP shud always be screened or raised or someting meng.

Reviewed by Deejay Marley

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