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Sunday, 25 Jan 2015
Written by ABENA   

Ah Mavado say box of money so yu see say him money tall, the man ah mek crazy money inna the US while Addi stuck inna Jamaica ah look pon a life sentence, life is good. Mi hear say the man buy a new ferrari. 



+1 #1 The truth 2012-07-16 09:16
When u buss ghetto yutes live u life alot of ppl put boundaries pon we life no we a someone too and can achieve anything. U have the only Benz cl63amg in Jamaica and ppl him buy the gt bently already to ship a yard.I said it first white bently! And u family good. Dweet gully gad dem system slow up addi n dem ago try after u again but I glad say u know and prepared!
0 #2 MizZA CaKeSoAP 2012-07-16 10:24
man a pose pon peolpe cyar a try look hype lucky seh police neva seem an lock up im rassclaat-MizZACaKeSoAP
+1 #3 real yute 2012-07-16 13:38
Good fi see a Man from the Gully achieve without illegal activities. It good to see a Gully survivor achieve period! From tear up batty pants to Ferrari
-3 #4 The truth 2012-07-16 14:04
@mizzacakesoap. U fool or something. Vado never yet hype over vehicles the man is the only man widnthe Benz cl63 coupe in Jamaica. N never yet tek pictures wid dat. Is somebody thief tht pic off him bb n post it. Bout look hype! Last man dat
+3 #5 Real Talk 2012-07-16 19:47
No hating or bad mind, but I do not believe movado has ferrari money! Is movado hot in the streets? Mi juss caa si how vado could afford a car that starts over a $100,000. Unless the label lease it for him. Again, mi far from bad mind, but somebody haffi explain dat to me.
Real Talk :-*
-2 #6 King 2012-07-16 21:34
Julian first posted this picture on twitter. Also, I personally believe that Mavado can afford this vehicle. Why cant he afford it???
-1 #7 Haggadah Maggie 2012-07-17 09:03
Ever heard about lease?? everybody does that in Florida where he is living!! Movado can more than afford to buy a ferrari but because of his status it would be risky!! so lease is a better alternative until he gain some status!! then with all the $$$ he's makin he can buy a bentley!!
-2 #8 gullygaad 2012-07-17 09:09
mavado is the real world boss>>>>>>>>>>>> all dem a talk wi a steppa
-2 #9 gullygaad 2012-07-17 09:12
wi told them next year wi a buy a jet..... suh mek dem talk...................starlight the man diamond cost as much as the car so why him caan buy it>>>>. gully til death
-1 #10 The truth 2012-07-17 10:17
@Realtalk I'm glad to inform u seeing tht u dnt know it's a 1000 us for a dub.. He does dubs 100 dubs in two weeks easy in Jamaica alone if u want to know dub request from Japan and us the numbers would shock u.. I dnt know if u know that's it's 30,000 for a show which if u do ur research he has been doing shows (n I ain't talking live bands) it's more. The month of July was 6 ..June was 5, including club appearances,als o I will give u the bonus ball off royalties from Delilah and other songs he owns and all of his iTunes monthly checks..also there is money collected as in deposits for shows to come as far as January 2013. Which many artist use as their spending money other 70 percent to save n pay ppl. Mavado lives in a 2 million dollar us mansion in norbrook his Benz cl63 coupe tht he drives in Jamaica is well over 100,000 sir. I hope u understand a little bit clearer

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