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Friday, 30 Jan 2015
Gaza Slim brings the 'Gaza' to London this weekend PDF Print E-mail
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Even though the international press is raving over the Pope's visit to England, there is one other notable visitor to Great Britain this week, an emissary from the Gaza, the ultra-talented Gaza Slim aka Vanessa Bling. Her visit is significant because as you may well know, "the Queen of England haffi love off yardie".



"I just want to thank the Almighty for this opportunity, for without Him, none of this would be possible. I feel so proud that my career is doing so well, and I am going to England to represent for me and the whole Empire to the fullest. I am not going to let Vybz Kartel or my fans down," she told

Gaza Slim's One Man hit #1 on several local charts over the Summer and her song is a fixture on many playlists and in clubs overseas.

"Yea, man, the ting tun up now," she said.

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