Beenie Man to headline Beach O Rama
Hundreds of Canadian party goers will join thousands of Jamaicans for Beachorama, which will take place on Saturday, April 27 at the Bournemouth Beach Park, Downtown Kingston. More detail
Massive police manhunt for Noel Chambers
A Jamaican man, Noel Chambers, 57, was caught by police on Tuesday evening after a region-wide police manhunt. He is accused of attacking his wife, Lorrice Harris, and the couple's daughter over the weekend. Chambers was discovered outside a fire station in the Miami, Florida. The firemen were... More detail
  There are reports that popular dancehall personality 'Oney British' of the British Link Up crew was shot and killed by unknown assailants riding a motorbike a few minutes after 9 p.m. Eyewitness reports say that he had left the National Stadium and was driving along Mountain View when armed men... More detail
Texxus Redmoney gets buzz with 'My Life'
UK-based dancehall artiste Texxus Redmoney is making an aggressive push in the local market with his latest single, 'My Life' which was released earlier this year on the Musiq UK label.  More detail
Koffee burns her rivals to grab #1 spot
  Reggae sensation Koffee is the youngest Jamaican to reach number one on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart as the perky 19 year-old seared her rivals as she burst into the top spot this week.  More detail

TOP 10 MOAN ZONES Featured

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If your idea of foreplay is "brace yourself honey', then chances are there is a Joe Grind in your life. And now, to make matters worse, the World Cup 2010 is just around the corner, so chances are you'll be spending even less time with your amor, as the excitement rises to fever pitch in Africa and you get caught up in zone defences, man to man marking and shots outside the 18 yard box. But that doesn't mean you want to neglect her 'box'. One876 brings you a top ten list of things that you ought to do the juices slipping down her thighs. Enjoy.

The inside of the thighs are highly sensitive to touching, stroking and licking. Use the tip of your fingers or your palm to lightly brush the area and follow up by stroking with the tip of your tongue.

Some women are extremely sensitive to being stroked and caressed on their buttocks and many will enjoy it when you play around with their behinds. Some women also enjoy being mildly spanked (make sure to ask first) or having their buttocks squeezed. If she seems in ecstasy at the attention paid to her posterior, find out if she would like to experiment further.

You'd be surprised at how crazy a woman can become when you gently lick or nibble at the back of her knees. Be careful not to overdo it though ¬ the area is very sensitive and it could become more of an annoyance if it gets too rough or tickle her too much.

Women enjoy having their feet touched and massaged. Some even enjoy having them licked and sucked. If your woman falls into this category, spend time caressing her soles, toes and ankles. However, these areas can be ticklish so try not to overdo it.

Just breathing on this part of their body gives many women goose bumps all over. So imagine your woman's reaction when you use your tongue or teeth (lightly) on her neck. This part of her body is also a good place to start a sensual massage. Remember to take it slowly.

Many women enjoy having their ears licked, sucked or kissed. Although blowing lightly in her ear is acceptable, note that this is not enjoyable for most women. However, whispering erotic thoughts and naughty words might send shivers up and down her spine.

This may come as a shock to most guys, but women love having their wrists nuzzled and nibbled by their lovers. The next time you're getting into foreplay with your woman, begin by kissing and caressing her wrists and take the time to tenderly trace the veins and tiny bones. Take her pulse and check out how impressed and turned on she'll be.

This is no surprise to anyone. This twin peak usually becomes erect with sexual excitement. The breasts are extremely sensitive to fondling, squeezing and caressing. Licking and sucking the nipples can blow her mind. Use the tip of your tongue, make circles. Blow hot air on the naked flesh. Experiment a little. But again guys, I must stress, DO NOT SUCK, BITE, SQUEEZE TOO HARD. They are attached to her body. Find out how your woman likes it and give it to her the way she wants.

What can we say? This is a no-brainer. Yet, many men tend to get it wrong. Some spend way too much time looking for the G-spot or they give a quick squeeze or two in order to rush to the main event.
The clitoris can be stimulated by using the tongue, finger or, for the multi-talented Joe, both simultaneously. Some women like to guide their lovers as to the specific amount of pressure they enjoy, so let her response be your guide.
Guys, do not feel like a failure if you cannot find the G-spot, it is a little difficult to locate. Your woman may find the search worthwhile, but keep it gentle and fun, prodding and poking can be painful. By the way, the G-spot is an area inside the vagina that produces intense sexual feelings when stimulated. Once located, very gentle stimulation is guaranteed to send her into orbit.
And the number one female hot spot...

Yes, it's true. Tantalise, titillate and taunt her with your lips. As you move in for some close-up action, let your lips graze her with a light-as-a-feather touch, and seductively tilt your head from side to side. Once you've warmed to her lips, slowly lick them with the tip of your tongue, then blow softly to cool them down.
Use your imagination. Use your lips, tongue and teeth to play with her top and bottom lips. Suck on the tip of her tongue gently at first, then pull it back into your mouth. She may be yours forever if you capture her with a kiss.


Some spots which didn't make the top 10 list, but which can be noted are the middle of the lower back, navel and the fingers/hands.

Deliberately exploring yourself and your partner is the first step in discovering which areas of your bodies are the most sexually responsive. Varying the pressure of touching and stroking and experimenting with various materials ¬ a silk scarf, soft brush, or a feather, for example ¬ may help to identify previously undiscovered erogenous zones.

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