Chris Marshall hits 8.6 million views with...
Dancehall artiste Chris Marshall is pleased with the reaction to his latest single, the sensual slow-burner 'Tu y Yo' alongside Brazilian singer-songwriter Anitta. More detail
Blak Ryno resuscitated after New York car crash;...
  Former Portmore Empire artiste Blak Ryno is in critical condition after a car accident in New York last night. The artiste reportedly went into a state of cardiopulmonary arrest and medical personnel has to resuscitate him.  More detail
Beenie Man to headline Beach O Rama
Hundreds of Canadian party goers will join thousands of Jamaicans for Beachorama, which will take place on Saturday, April 27 at the Bournemouth Beach Park, Downtown Kingston. More detail
Koffee hits the UK chart with Toast
  Toast, the smash hit by singer Koffee, has entered the UK Official Singles Chart at number 84. The new chart was released yesterday. More detail
Massive police manhunt for Noel Chambers
A Jamaican man, Noel Chambers, 57, was caught by police on Tuesday evening after a region-wide police manhunt. He is accused of attacking his wife, Lorrice Harris, and the couple's daughter over the weekend. Chambers was discovered outside a fire station in the Miami, Florida. The firemen were... More detail

Omari rails against the system with new song: SYSTEM SET @omaribanks11 Featured

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Former West Indies cricketer Omari Bank's "System Set" single is befitting of today's climate, yet is a story as old as time, institutional racism that first shackled the feet and hands, but now shackles the minds of people of colour.   
The lyrics go: "Di system set away.. Schemes and lies dem try fi sell us.. Take us back to the gallows and try fi sell us." 
Speaking on the inspiration of these powerful lyrics, the former professional athlete turned reggae singer explained: "I was driving and listening to the radio and there was a program where people were expressing there discontent with what was going on in the world regarding Finance and equal opportunity for all nationalities and i thought to myself that we really should have  progressed more as a human race in 2016 than we have. Some of the issues we are facing now are in-part largely many of the same issues people died for years ago.. I believe we have got to take a stance as human beings, one which benefits all people and not one which seeks to benefits just our National or personal desires. The system i know has been set  hundreds of years ago but its up to the people of good moral consciousness to push for that equality it is only option lest hate and division is the expected fate."
The single was recently released on iTunes, and  is steadily gathering traction on worldwide airwaves, while the video, which was recently filmed in Jamaica shot by Kerrin “Kerro” McLean, and Italy by renowned video director Mario Parruccini, has generated over 10,000 views in less than one week.
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