British-born woman stabbed to death in St. Mary
A Jamaican-born British woman was stabbed to death and her body dumped in a shallow grave on her property in Boscobel, St. Mary.  More detail
Lewinsons, the saviours of Dalton Harris, need...
Rowena Lewinson, a resident of Grantham, a small village in North West Clarendon, believes that Dalton's mother should not be so harsh on her famous son. She is Dalton's 'life mother', not his biological one, because it was her tender care and attention that set him on the path to his present... More detail
Fifty-two year old Sylvia Campbell is upset that her son, X Factor finalist Dalton Harris, has failed to acknowledge her role as a mother.    More detail
Starface gets flak for using midget in video
Dancehall artiste Starface is upset that there are factions within the entertainment industry who have objected to the use of a self-described "professional dwarf entertainer" in a sex scene in her video  for the single, 'Ready', the Tuff remix.   More detail
Man hacks woman and step-daughter to death, then...
  Jamaica has been rocked by yet another murder-suicide. The latest incident involves a man from St. James who hacked his common-law wife,  and her step daughter to death, in the Rosemount community  Sunday morning,  September 23rd and committed suicide   More detail
Man brandishes gun on Benzly Hype at Portland beach

Man brandishes gun on Benzly Hype at Portland beach

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    Television and dancehall star Benzly Hype got a major scare last week when a man pulled a gun on him while he was chilling with friends on a beach in Portland. Reports are that the man made a few derogatory and racist comments directed at Benzly Hype after he had seen the dancehall artiste exchanging pleasantries with the man's girlfriend.   

"We were just chilling and talking and then the man show up and start act up, so mi run him way after him say something to the  effect of 'black bwoy', and then the thing just escalate, him run go to him car and forward with an iron dawg and my thugs dem get mad and  the place get tense," Benzly Hype said.


Eventually, residents stepped in and defused the potentially serious situation and both parties went their separate ways. Benzly Hype did not report the incident to the cops

"He was drinking and he was jealous, so mi just chalk it up to that, but it shows, that even in your country, people can try to discriminate against you, even years after slavery, racism is still alive and well. It's funny how Art imitates life .  Because I shot a video right there a couple months ago for my single "Neva Say bye" and it was very similar to what happened with this dude. The single is out now and is part one of a 3 part mini movie video," he said


In the meantime, Benzly Hype. who is best known for his hit singles with 'The Innocent Kru' and his hit show 'Me and Mi Kru', is gaining traction for his latest single, 'BBC aka (BadWord)', produced by Italian pop producers Yan Kings and Mat Patron.


"The song is enjoying rotation locally on stations, and is picking up a hardcore following in the streets on every mixtape and in dances, so we building" he said. 


Benzly Hype will be releasing a battery of new singles for an album dubbed 'STAR' which will be released in early 2019.


I've been flying all over the place  setting things up .. this is just the first wave of my plans.. Just getting back to myself ..and try to bring that difference to the bizz as I always do" he said. 

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