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Jubillant is 'HOLDING ON' - Freshas Production

Jubillant is 'HOLDING ON' - Freshas Production Featured

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  Freshas Production recording artiste Jubillant is getting a bonafide buzz with 'Holding On', a well-produced reggae gem which is getting favourable rotation on FM radio.   
"The song is doing well, the feedback has been so incredible that we are shooting a video for it this month," he said.
The single, which was recorded at Tuff Gong studio, boasts an all-star cast of musicians such as drummer George 'Dusty' Miller, bass guitar Lloyd Parks, saxophonist Dean Fraser, keyboardist Corey Clarke and melody guitar player Lamont 'Monty' Savory. The song was mixed by Colin 'Bulby' York. 
Born Wayne Williams, he grew up in the Waltham Park and Molynes Road areas before moving to Braeton in Portmore. During his teens, he attended Calabar High school where he first fell in love with reggae music.
"We always loved music, but we started taking it serious in 2008 when I recorded my first single with Out of Stars Productions. The song was called 'Hard Ears' and it was released on iTunes," he said. 
Then he took an extended hiatus from music as he concentrated on making a living. However, the siren call of music called to him still. He re-christened himself 'Jubillant' and started to hone his recording skills. 
"I got the name 'Jubillant' from the dictionary still. The song reflected my personality, and I liked the positive vibe of the word, 'jubilant' which means jovial, so mi just add an extra 'L' so my name can be marketed properly on a global level," he said. 
He recorded a single called 'More Gal, More ah the Fun' for independent label, Freshas Production. The song got a buzz in Portmore and became a fixture on several mix tapes. He followed up that song with the soulful 'Holding On' which has now established him as an artiste to watch in the future. 
He has started to grow his covenant and get more rooted in the Rastafarian religion. 
"Ah learn we ah learn the ting and ah discover say Rastafari ah the true way, so mi grow mi covenant and ah read and a tap into the power of Rastafari," he said. 
He has plans to establish his own band and to tour overseas, especially Europe. 
"Ah straight music mi a deal with, but mi still juggle fi support myself, right now Freshas Production ah tek it to the world," he said. 
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