1 Squad is 'Popin Ova Here
Danger Zone Music Group, a label which is known for breaking major acts, has inked a recording deal with a new dancehall group, 1Squad, and their new single, 'Popin Ova Here' is blowing up all over FM radio.   More detail
Amari Dj Mona Lisa challenges 'Black Hypocrisy'
  Dancehall rapper A'mari 'DJ Mona Lisa' is gearing up for a major push of her latest single, 'Black Hypocrisy', where she applauds the diversity and strengths of Jamaica. More detail
Markus Myrie files report of alleged abuse at...
There may be potential fallout regarding the alleged altercation between Mark ‘Buju Banton’ Myrie and his son Markus Myrie, a dancehall producer known for several dancehall hit rhythms.   More detail
Residents in Portmore are saying it was like a scene out of the 'Gunfight at the O.K. Corral'. And when the smoke cleared, a licensed firearm holder had shot and killed three men during an attack last night at his home in Portmore, St. Catherine.  More detail
Olaf Blackwood gives 'Reasons', song to be...
Jamaican-born singer Olaf Blackwood has inked a major distribution deal with Sony Music Entertainment (France) to push his latest single, 'Reasons'. (PHOTO BY Letaphotography) More detail


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Magnum Kings and Queens did madddddddd this week. Sassy go hard ah talk about a certain deejay . Hurricane reach category 5, him diss Jemineye say him fi work over Tastees. Hurricane look like him ah go pass out pon the stage, somebody shoulda pass him some OXYGEN, but the man start the war early and call up a bagga man name. But ah Ishane still a lead, him not even smile this week when him ah ask fi a change, people ah go vote fi him.


Yabbalicious,, a pure foolishness yu sing. Da boo boo something de, yu need fi work pon it.

I shane, yu go political and it work this week. Yu deejay wid conviction, and yu still a lead.

Wah happen to Nyoka this week? She mek a mistake and pause inna the middle of the performance, but the crowd lift her up, and Jahvinci big her up and style the ting and say he thought it was a part of the performance.



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