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Thursday, 05 March 2009 03:18 Written by
Portmore, Spanish Town, New York, Miami...mi flying out. Wah happen to some dutty skirmage roun ere who smell like 10 day cabbage water? Mi read some comments weh some dutty people mek say one876 bruk and all these things and mi waan yu fi know, mi bosses dem caan bruk, dem ting sort out, dem ting international, dem a spend Swiss Francs, Euro and English pound, wah happen to some ah dem dutty gal who need WD40 fi dem hole, and dem crawny skin need compound. ONE876 TO THE WORLD!!! And mi nah stop say it, Ms. Kitty yu large, Sparks mi see yu pon mi RE TV ah talk the tings dem pon After Dark, big up the media alliance, big up Stone Age Productions, the Empire the whole entire, and Khool and the whole entourage. Ron Muschette, yu a lock it inna the morning, yu a sickest ting. Big up all the original one876ers, I have been reliably informed that the site ah go back up soon.