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MILLSY'S MIND: Somebody stop Mr. Vegas please

Thursday, 27 May 2010 04:00 Written by
The world of entertainment is exceedingly shallow. And dancehall is no different where its champions worship on the altar of bling and excess, a world where one hit song can generate millions of dollars and ensure that its creator lives a fabulous life of excess so decadent that it makes your teeth vibrate.


Thursday, 27 May 2010 02:51 Written by
  WAR UPTOWN GUNS OUT THIS MORNING People, one of mi girlfriend dem who live inna Kirkland Heights say about two hours ah crazy gunshot did a fire this morning uptown. When the smoke cleared, is a big former govament minister bredda, him name Keith Clarke who dead. Mi hear say di police dem did a search fi ‘Dudus’ and dem kill 6 man inna Justin house and 2 man dead inna Dudus house, but nothing no go so. All mi know is that the guns dem come uptown this morning. Whata ting eh! Why the police dem no release some information? Mi waan know what a gwaan, Nationwide ah say Dudus coulda get captured, CCN, wah oonu a deal wid?      

The Ultimate Rises to the top with 'I Wish'

Thursday, 27 May 2010 01:22 Written by
With a name like The Ultimate, you can only imagine the pressures that rest on his shoulders to perform at the highest level in music. But he is ready for the challenges.

DJ Face heads off to Canada this week

Wednesday, 26 May 2010 23:48 Written by
There has been a spike in the bookings for G Life recording artiste DJ Face in the run up to her appearance on "The Settlement'.

In a country plagued by the twin tigers of poverty and unemployment, the affluent and deep pocketed often feel as if they are walking targets for an increasingly predatory population especially in the face or soaring food and oil prices. Today’s artistes believe that they are being viewed as easy targets for would-be robbers and extortionists.

Dancehall’s long flirtation with violence and death may be shifting into a new dangerous phase – one where the artistes themselves may be living out the trigger-pulling gun-fantasies that dominate their songs, and worse yet, becoming victims of gun violence. themselves.


Wednesday, 26 May 2010 08:34 Written by
The entertainment industry is in mourning today as Oneil Edwards, a member of Voicemail, passed away today. He reportedly died a few minutes ago. One876 sends condolences to his friends and family at this most difficult time.

WEDS. TALK -- Where is Dudus?

Wednesday, 26 May 2010 04:32 Written by
Where is Dudus? That's the question that most Jamaicans are asking as they crawl out of the relative safety of their homes and try to get back to the boring routine of their lives. People ah ask if him de a Africa ah drink a strawberry daiquiri wid Sizzla and Mugabe right now. Mi a wonder when Twins of Twins ah go come out wid a new mixtape about the whole West Kingston affair, it bound fi mad wid Adams, Dudus, Golding, Vaz, McKenzie and everybody ah mek cameos. We affi tek laugh kibba heart bun because we ah Jamaicans, yu never see the mad man wid the board gun who ah trouble di cops dem camp out inna Tivali. We anno one easy set a people, right now nuff people ah profit from the disaster because dem a tell dem loved ones ah foreign all kinda tings fi get more money outta dem, when mi go Western Union this morning and the place cork, we ah cash in pon the crisis, that's what Jamaicans are all about.


Wednesday, 26 May 2010 03:51 Written by
Dancehall/Reggae duo RDX are off this weekend to the United States to perform on the annual Labour Day Weekend concert ‘The Best Of The Best’.

Since the release of her debut single which is titled A Doh Care Anymore over a month ago the IRIE Diva DJ Sunshine has been moving full speed ahead with her recording career. To date she has recorded several other hot dancehall tracks for producers such as Carl Morrison of Star Player Music Group and Rickman Warren of Jamplified Productions.