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Zumjay Drops 'Move It Around' single

Monday, 24 May 2010 07:15 Written by
Deejay Zumjay dropped his new single, Move It Around, this week. The single was produced by Jason Henriques, and the video will be shot later this week.

  Mi hear say three soldiers dead ah Tivoli, and 12 civilians have been killed as the JDF and police joint force stormed the barricades of Tivoli today. The operation was launched almost two hours ago. People, mi know two ah de girl dem who dem recruit as cook inna Tivoli, and mi a hear say dem import people fi load shot, and fi buss gun, mi hear say a $100,000 when dem recruit yu, and yu get 20,000 a day fi fire shot, da war ya ah bring in hustlings fi nuff people. Plus, the man dem carry in gyal fi service demself when dem not on the front lines. What a piece a excitement!!! Ah pure boom ah explode down de.


Monday, 24 May 2010 03:54 Written by
Orchestrated attacks by maraduing gunmen brought the Corporate Area to its knees last night as two gunmen were killed and six cops injured during running gunbattles in the Corporate Area.

People, what a gwaan inna lickle Jamaica! Bruce gi dem what dem want and clear the way fi the extradition, and now, ah bangarang inna the streets, police ah come under attack inna Admiral Town and rounda Heroes Circle as dem a try clear roadblock, and mi hear say just after 3 p.m. today, the thugs dem beat shot pon the Hannah Town station till the police dem affi evacuate, every police station inna Labourite area affi shut down and mi hear say Bruce ah go call a State of Emergency this evening. Up Park Camp, Harman Barracks, JDF man out in numbers, the ting tun up right now. Wah CVM and TVJ ah deal wid? Why mi caan see it pon mi TV? Mi waan see the man dem ah buss up the Big Boar, KABOOM, KABOOM, rain a fall, stay ah oonu home and dagger. THIS IS IT!! Is like Sizzla did know what a go gwaan, that's why him gone par wid Mugabe ah Africa, whoi is me!

Harry Toddler is 'Swaggarific'

Sunday, 23 May 2010 01:21 Written by
Harry Toddler has an uncanny ability to come up with new slangs and catch phrases, a skill that keeps him relevant in the dancehall today. His latest single, Swagga, shows that he still has the style and the flow that has made him one of the most consistent deejays in the last decade in the Dancehall Game.

Tega Shoots Music Video

Sunday, 23 May 2010 01:17 Written by
New York-based hottie Tega recently shot the video for her latest single, Can't Hold Me Down, in the hills of Hellshire, St. Catherine last week.

Vybz Kartel and the Portmore Empire will be performing at a show in Freeport, Bahamas today.


Friday, 21 May 2010 04:34 Written by
LISA HYPE WANTS FACE CLASH AT STING Mi hear say Lisa Hype say she ah go clash DJ Face ah Sting this year. and how much Face "a pepper light bad gyal who only bling once a year" and that she ready fi write off her career, and a bagga tings. Lisa say she nah run from no clash at The Settlement but ah money she ah deal wid, di pounds sterling dem a call and she no have no time fi linger wid 'Kip Rich toilet'. Ahoe! How she ah go so hard?

Beenie Man for Mountain Dew Stunt Festival

Friday, 21 May 2010 02:58 Written by
There is a steady buzz surrounding the annual family friendly show, Mountain Dew Stunt Festival set to take place on Labour Day, Monday, May 24 at the Police Officer’s Club in Kingston.

Angelina is HOT

Friday, 21 May 2010 02:07 Written by
Girls like to say they're hot. Angelina knows that she is.Why else would she penned a song about her hotness; eight deliciously flirtatious bars devoted to her definition of 'hotness'. Only a few women would have the verve to pull it off and thank God, Angelina is one of them.