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Ziggy Eva Strap leads out music movement in Canada @pushayute @one876

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Is Canada becoming that country thats slowly taking over the music scene right under our eyes. I could go on on and on about Drake, Shawnia Twain, Celine Dion, Tracy Chapman. Well on the underground dancehall scene we have Ziggy Eva Strap. 

Well Jarrell Beadle (aka Swick Don, Ziggy) is an ambitious young man. To you he is an artist but to his team and label he's the boss, ceo and mentor to his fellow label mates at Swick Link Inc. Born in Kingston Jamaica he quickly developed his skills while going school and visiting the local studios on the island. He's presently residing in Canada and has his team working overtime in making the dreams become a reality. With three new songs done in the course of two months we can see where and what this young ceo is trying to achieve. Look for hits such as "In & Out A Love" featuring Mocha Remedy, "Swear To God" (Ultrasound Riddim) & many more.


Instagram: @ziggyevastrap
Twitter: @ziggyevastrap
Facebook: Ziggy Eva Strap

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