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YO GABBA GABBA IS THE SHIZZLE by Claude Mills Featured

Entertainment News Written by  Millsy Wednesday, 02 March 2011 02:58 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Ever since The Gleaner gave me the can five years ago, I’ve rediscovered a lot of things, principal among them being my love for cartoons. I spend hours watching Invader Zim, Avatar and of course, Family Guy re-runs on Fox. But since lately, I have a new favourite thing. My son has been hogging the living room TV as of late watching Nick Junior, but I never really paid attention to the shows, but then a few weeks ago, he had a nightmare, so I was up late with him watching The Upside Down Show when this insanely awesome show called Yo Gabba Gabba popped up on the tube. And let me tell you right now, Yo Gabba Gabba is the shizzle.

The episode that got me hooked was the one with actor Jack Black, dressed in orange tights, doing some sort of Irish gig to pipe music with a series of ill-timed pirouettes, plies and even an old-fashioned late 90s Running Man.

I love the damn show, with its zany characters: Toodee, a blue cat dragon, Plex, the yellow robot, Foofa, an orange flower-thingie, Brobee, the strange little green one, Muno, the bumpy one-eyed red Cyclops and DJ Lance Rock, the dude in the crazy orange outfit, all of them hanging out in Gabba Land. Some of my favourite artistes keep popping up, the Roots singing “Lovely Love My Family”, Bizmarkie, who I remember from 1989 with the big hit ‘Just a Friend’, pops up every now and then to teach human beatboxing, and last week, I saw Mya doing the peanut butter stomp during Dancey Dance time. One of my favourite segments is the Cool Trick segment, yesterday, I saw a kid hang a spoon from his nose. That’s the coolest thing I’ve seen since I saw a double-jointed go go dancer pull off a Mt Vesuvius, that is, spew Heineken out of her vagina in an amazingly erotic eruption.

Oh come on, I can’t believe this is a kiddies show designed to teach kids that it’s cool to apologize when they make mistakes and to try foods that they haven’t tasted before, but for me, this is like the coolest thing. The transgenerational appeal of the show is incredible with its wide-ranging use of hip musical guest stars from the worlds of rock, rap and country music. My kids don’t know who Biz Markie or the Roots are or why they’re cool, but why can’t we introduce them to them? My son loves the music of Slick Rick, especially Mona Lisa, and I dropped some Biggie Smalls on him the other day. He loved it. The only thing is that I’ve found that when I try to play some youtube videos with older rappers and artistes, he keeps asking (annoyingly), ‘Daddy, is he dead?’.

So it is a trade off, a rediscovery of music that I loved growing up, and a kinda introduction for him. And that is why I will sit and watch Yo Gabba Gabba songs like Keep Your Hands to Yourself and Party in My Tummy without feeling like my brain is turning to mush.

Maybe my love for cartoons comes from a need to stay playful, energetic, flexible even in the face of adult responsibilities. What I do know now, is that the lines between age groups and media forms are blurred in this whacky techno age, and I am enjoying the ride.


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