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Why the cops dem a pressure di artiste dem?/BOUNTY KILLER CASE POSTPONED Featured

Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Wednesday, 10 November 2010 01:54 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Wah happen to some ah dem dutty people ya? Why oonu no low mi friend Emprez, oonu caaan punch her inna her face, or box her inna her mouth mek her spit fly, so oonu can gwaan beat up oonu gum. Emprez, mi wi defend yu right fi say anyting yu waan say, anno nothing, defend yu deejay, it look bad yes, but yu nuh see the girl nah turn up fi the trial, so wah dat tell you? Low the people dem business ah go clean out unda oonu bed, and who no like that, can come suck out mi good hole, yea, ah dat mi say.



Right now, mi a wonder if is a bad mind ting a gwaan wid dem cops ya. Mavado and Kartel dem a behave demself, all dem do everyday is get up, write song, go studio, then go home and play wid dem kids and as a little flare up gwaan, dem a try style the deejay
dem. Is a new police strategy this? Pressure prominent people inna one area and the crime stop? A wah di warra warra this? Oonu try go do some real police work, yu figet say we have cable and we can watch Law and Order, CSI, Human Target, Bones and all these shows
and we see how the REAL police dem work. Wah oonu feel like? Oonu waan come mash up the artiste dem money like how the Xmas season ah run in? It nah go work.

As yu might have heard, Racquel neva turn up fi the trial yesterday wid Bounty Killer. She dun tell dem say a mediation she want, because she de wid Killer three years now and she nah lef. People, dem issue a bench warrant fi the girl arrest and say the deejay caan even get back him passport, him haffi come back pon November 26 and apply fi it. Yu eva see mi dying trial? Dem just a prolong the case and run up the deejay's legal bill and ah waste taxpayers' money, that's all. Dem say him use a hammer, a gold chain and mosquito zapper
to beat his girlfriend, so weh the forensic evidence de? So even if dem waan pursue de case, dem caan, so is a joke ting.


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