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Who Outed Nemo the Businessman? Featured

Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Wednesday, 14 July 2010 04:03 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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People, how Asylum Celebrity Tuesdays so hype! Pure gyal inna the club last night, easily four to one, yu woulda tink say ah free weave the man dem a gi weh the way woman dash weh inna the club, the Corporate Area nice again, people start party again, the ting tun up HIGH REV right ya now.  


People, the argument stink inna the streets say ah the car salesman involve inna the frolicking and the nipple sucking and all these dirty things. Some rumours say ah him former assistant, the one who get married the other day, do that to him because him owe him over 400,000 and nuh waan pay him the money so him style him wicked and mek the whole world know say him is a NEMO. But the yute who do it is a Sebastian, a flaming lobster fi mash up the man life dem ways de. But mi no feel sorry fi dem and dem dutty life. Mi just feel bad fi the woman dem who dem involve wid because ah pure maggage ah go inna dem hole after dem man de go out de and indulge inna nastiness and come home to dem. FIRE PON A NEMO! Boil dem inna hot water!

Everybody ah ask when Bounty Killer never come a Foxx party on Sunday night, but I guess the man did have Bounty Sundays fi go and a bag ah other raving fi gwaan wid, but the gun trial ting look serious fi October. Ah the father-son team of Tom and him son Christian Tavares-Finson ah represent the Warlord but inna the present climate, weh the police ah get so serious, Bounty and the ex-cop, Collis Bowen coulda under pressure this year. Tings nuh look so good at all fi the deejays dem.


Crazy people inna the streets still ah talk 'bout Toya new fashion line. It ah get mad reviews inna the Gleaner and the Observer. Toyanik or TK was a black and white themed wearable female design line produced by Toya and Kenya Henry. It was Kenya and Toya's first Fashionblock as a designer. Kenya is a hairstylist and had been responsible for creating the coifs at previous Fashionblocks.


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