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Waspp gets big buzz with 'Tek Weh Bwoy Gal' @one876 @realwaspp @waspattackk Featured

Entertainment News Written by  AKA Saturday, 09 August 2014 10:05 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Dancehall fans have been raving over Wasp's latest lyrical masterpiece, Tek Weh Bwoy Gal, and the song has become a firm favourite of ZIP FM disc jocks.
Intro: Attack! A Waspp a.k.a. above average n yo done know we a duh da one yah fi Di gallis dem, yo know, only the gallis dem, Alright. Chorus Tek weh a bwoy gal an return har back Tek weh yo gal an return har back. Style an pattan we learn har dat. Mi nuh how yo a go earn har back. When wi tek a bwoy gal wi return har back. Tek weh yo gal an return har back. Style an pattan we learn har dat, how yo a go earn har back. Alright Verse 1 Bwoy Ina him yaad a watch cartoon, him girl follow mi go a bathroom, she open har book an mi tek out mi pencil, jus call dat art room. Nuff gal mi have from mi a go a school, ask any gal Ina mi classroom. Me an mi cousin go a weddin last week an mi tek weh the bride an pass groom. Borrow one lamborghini, an tek weh queeny from Beenie, touch Alkaline gal in front a him face but de tattoo eye mek him nuh see mi. Bounty killa dem a pree mi, a seh gal yo deh wid Waspp really! When a me a di general weh a run de hole town n yo give it up so easy. Bwoy a lock strap an a rob shop while me have him gal pon mi black mat, mi www dot pon har laptop then mi attack wid mi snap shot. Above average thugs have the block lock, de gal dem door wi a knock dat, knock it again an again an again an again an den bring back dat. Twenty three gal uptown, seventeen bad gal downtown, mi a de man weh tek weh de gal from the selecta bwoy roun a down sound. Man a bad man mi a nuh gal clown, as a gal see mi dem drop down, dis a fi de real real gallis dem wedda unu popular or uno unknown. Chorus Verse 2 One night mi a hole a vibes some weh pon Mona drive see a bartender gal she seh she rate gully god but a my song tek overtime. Gal yo hot hot like the stove weh light, she seh come sleep wid mi overnight, mi seh no jus sell mi a sex pon di beach, she seh jus as yo reach? Mi seh overdrive. Fren seh mi cold like freezer, cause mi get gal more easier, an mi nuh cater if a girl love girl mi wi tun dem Ina believer. Tek weh Keisha from Trisha, now Trisha have amnesia, she seh Waspp Mek mi tell yo dis mi nuh love man, mi seh oh me needa. Mi have two girl weh a track star, a movie star n a pop star, one weh feel like she a Miley Cyrus mi caa tell har seh she ano rock star. Seh mi have a girl, she seh wat star! She nuh really care bout dat star. Care bout dat cause the gal weh mi have is a hot head gal weh wi tax har. Girl zip mi down and seh mi Irie, dem waa roll wid the fame crew Ina the sun city mi got class n a listen to hits 92 every girl wanna have fun, every thugs respect due. Touch yo gal till a mawning come n den mi bring har back to you. Chorus
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