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Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Monday, 22 August 2011 03:15 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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WAAHH, WAAAHH, WAAHHH, ah ambulance or radio car???? Wah dat happen to DJ Wah Wah over the weekend? Mi tell yu bout some ah dem selectors ya who ah gwaan like dem bad and have all entourage and all these things. How yu fi see some tough up face man outside a club after dem a drink and frass, and then tell dem fi go suck dem madda and ah talk bout say yu have yu guns dem and a bagga tings. When yu do dem tings de, anything can happen, yu caan just violate man outaroad so and think say there won't be any retaliation.


But it look like Waah Waah ah one real beating stick, remember the beatdown him get inna T.G.I.F from Andrew Blacks last year when Milk did haffi run in and save him? One beatingcan happen but two is a PATTERN, why Waah Waah ah gwaan like him is a don and a puff up him chest? Ah who ah boost him up like Supligen? Him need fi easy himself and stop hype pon people out a road and know himself.

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