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Tuesday Coffee - Beenie, the Embassy ah watch yu! Featured

Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Tuesday, 08 June 2010 01:02 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Why so much gyal ah send mi flowers pon Facebook? Mi open mi gmail the other day and mi see a teddy ah come from a gyal, why de people dem nuh check who dem a send dem ting to before dem send it. Mi see the people dem a cuss say mi nah give it to Beenie fi the almshouse him keep up on LA Lewis but I don't know if you know this, but 99 per cent of the people dem find LA Lewis annoying and ah nuff people did a hope say him pick up a bax and go build. Still, Beenie fi know wah him a do, him no waan get back him visa? Him no know say the US Embassy read the newspapers dem everyday?


When mi used to go UWI, mi did tek an econ course weh ah deal wid a ting called the law of unintended consequences and mi ah look into the possible effects of this occupation by the security forces of Tivoli. First of all, there is going to be a definite man shortage inna Tivoli now
given the fact say so much man dead or run weh from wah day ya, that means that more gal affi go share dem man, and there will be more matey wars but then again, with so much soldier inna Tivoli, it could mean say nuff more soldier baby ah go born inna 9 months time.

What is it with deejays and bikes? Mavado, and now Gyptian, dem never hear bout wha happen to DJ Tiger couple years ago when him was at the height of his success, until him run into the car and mash up forever. Bike ah half-mek car, if yu a go ride one, use a helmet.

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