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Unknown Gringo believes that VROOM VROOM single...
Dancehall artiste Unknown Gringo is getting a huge buzz with his latest single, 'Vroom Vroom' , which was released on the Chase Mills Records label recently. More detail
The Dubplates continues to do well on the...
The Dubplates continues its strong run on the Blllboard Reggae charts, coming in at number eight with their critically acclaimed set,  Box Full of Steel by The Dubplates, selling 92 copies, down from 280 sold the week before. To date, it has clocked 2,956 in sales.   More detail
Wayne Marshall's father suffers heart attack
Dancehall artiste Wayne Marshall, who has embraced a more spiritual side in his music, is praying that his father makes a full recovery after he suffered a  heart attack today.  More detail
Detectives from the Constant Spring police station swooped down on Mavado's residence in Norbrook this afternoon and detained his son, brother, cousin and nephew in a major operation. However, Mavado slipped the police dragnet as he left the island last night.  More detail
Chozenn criticizes "self-appointed Jesus...
Chozenn found himself in the eye of a firestorm of criticism last week that was so intense that it prompted the nation's number one gospel station, LOVE FM, to ban the remake to appease outraged Christians. However, Chozenn remains stoic in the face of the backlash, and vowed to stick to his path.... More detail

Tiana asks for "more R-E-S-P-E-C-T" from music industry Featured

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Up-and-coming female singjay, Tiana has a bone to pick with theJamaican music industry for not giving females within the Dancehall& Reggae genres their due recognition. The "Princess of Dancehall," spoke in-depth via a press release; claiming that she's tired of the lack of respect shown to female artistes & that the Jamaican music industry is biased against them.



"The music industry needs to give more support to the female artistes in Jamaica. "When you turn on the radio, it's the same set of bulls; same as when you go to the Dancehall sessions, this industry is very bias towards females," Tianaintimated. She then explained, "Check it, most of the Riddims have a bag a man pon it and even when a female artiste manages to squeeze herself on the Riddim them play all the man dem songs and bench the female song majority of the time."

Tiana, who's known for hits such as "Gyal Mi Love Yuh" featuring Konshenson the Buss Out Riddim & "Dat Mi Want," on the Flirtation Riddim believes that female artistes are better than they're given credit for, even better than some of their male counterparts. "Mi flow sicka than nuff of the male artistes and is not brag mi a brag I am just simply telling the truth because most of the female artistes are way better," Tiana stated whilst adding,"Please show us some more love because it's not easy being a female artiste in this male dominated industry. Mi songs dem might nah shat a yaad but them a get nuff love abroad."

Tiana cites another of her hit singles, "No Man Can't Talk Bad Bout Mi"(Produced by Konshens and D&H) as an example of said sentiment. "I sang a song titled “No Man Can't Talk Bad Bout Mi," which is a big song in several other countries but in Jamaica dem a try fi hold down the song and yet it still manages to create a buzz which could have been bigger only if that song had gotten the deserving support. But nuh matter what that song will always be an anthem for the ladies because even ten years from now nuh women nuh want no man fi talk bad bout them," Tiana explained. The song was #1 on the charts in Belize, peaked at #5 on the Hype TV Dancehall Chart, Peaked at #4 on the OutAroad Top 20 Hot Singles Chartwhile the accompanying video was nominated as a candidate for Best Female Artiste Video of The Year at the CariVibezTV Web Awards in New York.

Meanwhile, Tiana had an encouraging message for fellow female artistes; telling them not to give up their hopes to succeed in the industry. "I'm not afraid to say it but a lot of us female artistes have been underrated but my message to them is from once you believe in yourself nuh body caan stop yuh...and mi more than believe in myself so mi affi mek it because I am not gonna allow anyone to stop me from shining," Tiana implied. She also asked female artistes to stop engaging in lyrical warfare given how much harder it is for females, collectively to make a splash on the Dancehall/Reggae scene. "The female artistes dem need fi stop hating on each other...even though the males fight with each other just the same...but the big difference is that they help to buss each other. Look how many artistes Bounty Killer and Vybz Kartel buss but can we say the same about the females in this industry? No!
Nevertheless, Tiana pleads for the local industry just to give her & other females a chance to be heard & prove their worth on a wider scale. "All I am saying is give the ladies in the music industry, some more love and support wi need it. Selectas and disc jocks add some more female artiste inna di thing even if a nuh my song mi still will feel good. Just add some more females to your playlist."

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