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THURSDAY TALK -- Little Signal On the Way Featured

Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Thursday, 10 June 2010 01:45 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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How some gyal hole so salt? Wah day ya inna the ataclapse, ah fi dem man alone dead inna the operation. Whata tragedy! Anyway, ah whole heap a tings a gwaan inna the business, Street Vybz Thursdays supposed to keep tonight, Fresh Fridays keep last week and sell off, the ting ah get back jiggy again, Corporate Area up and live again. Dem ah try style mi boss Beenie, but how dem fi stop yu, ah yu say money inna stock pile, Europe ah wait pon yu, wah do dutty LA Loo-is?

A little signal is on the way, rayyyyyyyyy, ya heard it first here folks. Is not the browning from over the apartment complex, no ah the little slimmas, the dark skinned one wid the bow legs, yea, ah she get fat up, him erect him tower inna her soil, and ah little signal is on the way, whoiiiiiii. I crack myself the fuck up sometimes, stay locked to this spot for more babymamma updates. ne

How dem a gwaan like Stephen ah the only producer who can spit hits pon the mike, Russian and Kartel have a hot song name Jeans and Fitted that ah go run the Summer, the ting madddddd!!! Straight jeans and fitted, inna white t-shirt, we did it, Uptown, uptown, meets middle class Portmore, rose gold chain, real Gucci belt, smartphone, expensive phone, True Religion jeans. Is a GAZA SUMMER.Di Gaza millennium?


The streets dem ah say LA Lewis inna the middle of another passa passa, this time is between newcomers Ikaya and Toya. The Downsound team put up Toya posters from Kingston to Negril, and now mi hear say inna Kingston, LA Lewis and him friend dem ah put up Ikaya posters
dem over Toya own dem out pon the Molynes Road and all these things. Mi know say Ikaya no bad mind so mi know say ah the troublemaker LA Lewis do this, look how him mek Beenie Man almost miss him flight fi go Europe, da yute de a crosses inna real life, ah mi fi tell yu.


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