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THURSDAY TALK - Lisa Hype and Beenie get close? Featured

Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Thursday, 08 July 2010 08:17 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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How some gyal mash out like CRACKERS so? Dem nuh stay right. Dem pap down inna life, dem caan afford fi bleach again, and dem get black like coal, a wah do dem? How the people dem a Tivoli so licky licky? Imagine the government invade yu community and kill oonu off and den offa oonu trip to Cool Runnings and 400 of oonu go, a wah? Oonu sell out!!!! Dem coulden kill off my friend and people and den come offer mi trip fi go a country, maybe if it was a US visa, mi woulda tink twice but dem caan buy me out so cheap. Yu madd!!!!!!Street Vybz Thursdaze tonight, the only place to party on a Thursday night, music by DJ Ice and Chromatic in the Building. People, ah next week mi a fly out fi a four weeks go shopping and look fi mi goodas family dem inna New York, big up mi journalist friend Chi Chi who ah cover the Dudus case inna New York, mi soon link yu mi friend.


Ah crazy people ah ask inna the streets how Lisa Hype and Beenie Man dem a get so close. Pure phone calls and late night texting and a bagga tings. Lisa Hyper is a girl no ramp still, she do wah she feel fi do, nobody caan control her head and Beenie ah old dawg from morning so anything ah anyting, plus mi hear say dem a do song together and all these things, ah song ah talk say him will never diss her even though somebody else dish her dirt, a who dem a talk? Addi? What a passa passa!


Mi a watch HYPE TV and mi ah see the excitement at the launch and mi see say Chozen and Juggla ting nah go normal, it ah go heated bad bad, plus Reggae Queen ah go crush out Bumpa like a roach over de, the ting tun up, HIGH REV now.

ImageIKAYA ON SUMFEST - Big up Ikaya, mi hear say yu de pon Sumfest and ting and yu new video weh yu do wah day ya ah go wow the world when it come out and ting. Yu new song, Tightest Grip pon the Hold Yu riddim ah gwaan good over Trinidad and Barbados too, so it look like the bookings dem a go run in next month, gwaan govern the ting.

Mi haffi say big up to Seanizzle Records, mi hear say dem add yu song to Boston Hot 97 playlist, the whole riddim, that no normal, the Beenie Man 'Rum' song hit, the Liquid ah go hard, plus Mr. G wid 'Swaggarific', mi affi gi yu yu props, yu always lucky fi get foreign rotation mi dupes. Big up yuself, tek yu forward.

Mi like how Stacious and Mr. G and Tifa dem a gwaan. Dem tun judge now inna one new talent show weh ah come pon RE TV. Mr. G career step up since him kill LA Lewis inna the clash ting and all Courts ad the man ah do now, and the Swagarrific tune tun up, and Stacious ah get crazy show since she get her big number one wid Mavado, dem have chemistry, doan?

Why Claude Mills ah push Toya so hard everyday pon the website so? Mi sickka it now. Who cares about who is the real boss lady?

How Fyakin ah move so hard? Him have a set a new song weh him sound like I Octane?


Where is Baby Tash? How she get so quiet from wah day ya?

How Gaza Slim get so hype since One Man jump pon the foreign charts? Her ting step up, she all ah do club show ah Trinidad and all these things.

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