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Tarnado and Desperado promote new song @one876 @thisisdesperado

Tarnado and Desperado promote new song @one876 @thisisdesperado

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Songwriter and deejay Tarnado wants the public to know that he and fellow artiste Desperado were the first artistes to voice a song for the new dance, 'Turn Wid the Liquor' invented by dancer Age. 


"Mi love the whole vibes and dancehall has a thing with those who set the pattern and those who follow. Me and Tarnado ah try long time and the spark a gwaan and you would think that other artistes woulda just allow we fi get the glory, but competition is a part of the ting. Anyway, is not a badman song, is a dance ting, ah our thing ah tek the streets right now, I am not worried about it, the tune blazing," Desperado said. 

Tarnado is not as easygoing as Desperado, he believes that fellow artiste Bling Dawg is trying to "run in" on the dance.

"Me and Desperado have the better song, our song start play inna the dance already, and on the radio. Fi dem own no start play yet, is a selector tell me bout it over the weekend, so mi just want the public to know what is going on. Aggi endorse our song, Ravers, Happeners, endorse it, Gary G ah play it on IRIE, it ah gwaan," Tarnado, who is credited with writing the hit song for 'Killa Swing', said. 

Tarnado said that he had a falling out with Bling Dawg over the 'Kreech' dance several months ago.  

"Me and Bling Dawg used to par, and him voice Kreech, and then when me go voice a Kreech song, him tell people don't play my song, like him have a problem say mi ah endorse my ting as well. But now him ah do the same ting, yu see how life funny, but mi nah fight him, ah just the better song and promotion right now," he said. 

Tarnado is also known as the songwriter behind several Elephant Man hits such as 'Pon Di River', 'Chiney Ting' and 'Bun Down That'..

"Right now, mi a do my career, mi a send out myself, we ting viral, from yu a happen, yu ting gone viral," he said. 

Desperado is releasing a new single called 'My Mama' on iTunes on his own KRC Music Jamaica label on March 10. 

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