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Tajji to perform alongside Sizzla and Tommy Lee on Nov. 29th Featured

Entertainment News Written by  AKA Monday, 19 November 2012 10:05 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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      The dancehall world is buzzing about the brilliant metaphors and asphalt visions of a new artiste called Tajji from the Red Square camp in Kingston.   He first rose to prominence with a song called That Dem a Day which established his street credibility as an artiste to watch. The underground has been  feeling That Dem A Say, a soulful gem of a song that delves into the depths of the wickedness that lies in men's souls.
Now, he has an armada of new hits such as Mi Best Friend, Yu Can Call, and Worldwide, a collaboration with Spragga Benz that has forced FM radio to sit up and pay attention.
“Right now, mi a revamp and start fresh, put the face to the music, that is my main focus. Everywhere mi go and sing That Dem a Say, mi get response, dem love da one de, at the parties, it still a play, and the You Can Call a soak in now,” he said.
A graduate of Excelsior High School, this 26 year-old deejay is working hard on building his own repertoire of hit songs. A lot of dancehall fans believe that he has a similar sound to I Octane, for whom Tajji wrote songs such as My Life, Lose a Friend, Mama You Alone, Tink a Little Time and Puff It.
“Dem fi know if dem listen back da artiste de when him just start, you can hear the difference between then and now. Octane sounds like me, mi no sound like no one, mi write songs give him and we write songs together. Octane rate my rhyme scheme, the way mi rhyme, him used to wonder how mi rhyme dem so tight so him ketch on pon my ting quickly, and him launch out and do him ting but ah life,” he said.
Tajji is ready to bring his career to the next level.
“Right now, mi plan fi stand out , my plan to show my writing skills different, that ah my wow factor.”
Tajji is still in Red Square, but has inked a management deal with Gourzong Music Production. He is raising his visibility locally with music videos and appearances on stage shows. 
“Mi have a show the 24th of November with Sizzla and Tommy Lee out by Nine Miles, Bull Bay. I also have a show in Bahamas at the end of this month. I will also be performing alongside Konshens, Demarco, and New Kidz at the Tajji Birthday celebration at 14b South Camp Road, One Stop Lawn on November 29th,” he said. 
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