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Sizzla took Sting 2012 from Tommy Lee and Busy Signal Featured

Entertainment News Written by  AKA Thursday, 27 December 2012 09:51 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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A rejuvenated Sizzla delivered  a marquis, unapologetic performance at Jamworld Entertainment Centre in Portmore, St. Catherine this morning that underlined how he has transformed himself into a true reggae firebrand for the people of Jamaica.  

He rejoiced in his uncompromising stance on gays and bowcats.

"All who never fuck no batty or suck no woman, mek me see the hands dem. Ah morning now, ah superstar time now...and some battybwoy who ah rape people pickney and feel like dem can run Jamaica ah go dead. Mi kill battybwoy wid mi big gun," he said to huge roars of approval from the audience.

He segued neatly into Get to the Point', the crowd erupting into a wave of cheers as he deejayed with  great force and resonance. 

He then proceeded to 'Slew Dem Wid Karate' , declaring that "Portmore no like queer'.


"Some bwoy ah talk bout say dem a bad artiste but mi a mad artiste," he declared to titters of delight from the huge crowd.
Then the Applause riddim, and a surge of excitement ran through the crowd like an electric current. A gravelly voiced rendition
of 'Big Long Gun' followed, and members of the audience were actually bouncing on the balls of their feet to the riddim. Sizzla had
the crowd at his mercy and he did not slow down his momentum. 
"Battybwoy say dem waan sponsor dancehall but mi say NO!" he said, before seguing neatly into Rastaman No Apologise. He was totally in his element and he even seemed to freestyle a song about Lady Saw advising the girls to have sex in high heels. The crowd loved every second of it. He then switched back into a more cultural set studded with hits such as 'Praise Ye Jah', Woman I Need You, Dry Cry, and Rise to the Occasion.
"Battybwoy, oonu ah talk say oonu waan diss Sizzla but oonu haffi owe me dat," he said. The crowd screamed its delight at that statement. 
He deejayed a few more songs before bringing out Nicholas 'The Axeman' Walters, the WBA Featherweight boxing champion.
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