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Scammers target Masicka

Scammers target Masicka Featured

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The management team of dancehall star Masicka is asking unscrupulous promoters to cease and desist from advertising Masicka for dancehall shows for which he is not officially booked. 


The management team said one of the more recent transgressors is a show called 'Final Destination' on Saturday, March 19th at D'Entrance. 
"Masicka is not booked for this show. We are only booked for 'Traxx' at Kabana that same Saturday, we are not booked for 'Final Destination'. Whoever this promoter is needs to stop this immediately because they are deceiving the public," Masicka's manager Corey Todd said.
"We are asking promoters to stop advertising the artiste falsely for events for which he is not officially booked. The artiste is hot so a number of flyers are popping up all over. The only bookings are through Genahsyde Records, Corey Todd at 408-2278, 19549524086," he said. 
Masicka who has been burning up local and overseas charts with his singles, 'Buss di Cylinda' and 'Hardball' is booked for 'Britjam Fire in the City' this weekend, 'Traxx' next Saturday, March 19th, and a party called 'High Life' in Mandeville on March 24th. He is also booked for  a show in St. Elizabeth on Easter Sunday, and the popular 'Igloo' party series on Easter Monday.
"He will also head to Barbados for the final weekend in March," Todd said.
Masicka will be booked to perform on a number of shows in Canada in June, after which he heads to Europe in August.  
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