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Savage disses Devin Di Dakta new song about Corey Todd beating @savagesavo

Savage disses Devin Di Dakta new song about Corey Todd beating @savagesavo Featured

Entertainment News Written by  Thursday, 28 January 2016 07:04 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Dutty Fridaze recording artiste Savage has posted a video on his Instagram page where he voices his opinion on the Devin di Dakta-Corey Todd dust-up recently.   


While he doesn't support Corey Todd's action towards the artiste, he believes that Devin di Dakta has disgraced the dancehall community with his song, 'Wah Gwaan'.


"Mi nah condone wah Corey Todd do to Devin di Dakta but de song weh Devin do only a drop the ting. How dem yute ah come inna dancehall and no recognize say dancehall is a street ting and a gangsta ting?  How yu fi deejay a song which is primarily about yu getting beat up? When dancehall reach de so? Devin ah drop the ting wid dem antics ya. Keep de details of you beating to yuself yute, nobody nu really waan hear dat, anno music dat," Savage, who recently returned to the island after a two week promotional run in New York, said during the Instagram video. 


When contacted about the video, Savage said he was just expressing what the streets were saying about the incident. 


"Maybe Corey Todd overdo it, because Devin is a likkle yute, him Devin really go luau. Him shoulda hold it, instead, him ah try advertise him beating and worse, the song lame. Savage ah one of the few gangsta artistes lef back inna the business, wah happen to Devin coulden reach me!!! Mi nah drop the ting like Alkaline and Devin, real recognize real....Mi real to mi ting. Devin caan do no more gangsta song inna dancehall, him fi just stick to girl songs and comedy and dem ting dem," he said. 


He said that Devin should stop wearing a Kartel chain around his neck if he doesn't understand what Vybz Kartel really stands for in the world of dancehall. 


"We live inna gangsta culture, we rate real bad man, real don. How yu say yu rate Kartel and tek dem beat up de? How yu fi wear Kartel chain round him neck and not only ah tek beat up but then sing bout it? Is like an informer ting! Him no know gangsta rules or laws. Devin di Dakta caan do no more bad man or diss  song again. Corey tek off him stripe. The streets ah say better we hear say yu get fist and punch and box because yu did a fight back, or yu a fight but the man dem overpower yu. It nu look good at all," Savage said. 


In the meantime, Savage has launched his own clothing line, Savage Savo, which features t-shirts, and fitted caps.


"We will be going hard with the Team Savo promotional campaign 2016, they will be available for sale soon, we are going to finalise details with a major apparel company soon so that we can begin to sell the items online," Savage said. 


Songs such as 'Hold Yu Back' on the Mold riddim, and 'Transformer', both produced by Cornelius Daley and Dutty Fridaze Promotion, continue to do well in the streets while Savage's breakout 'Culu Culu' hit is bubbling on two major local dancehall charts. 

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