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Sasanya causes "riot" in prison after performance

Sasanya causes "riot" in prison after performance

Entertainment News Written by  Sunday, 01 October 2017 17:15 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Dancehall artiste Sasanya made an appearance at a special concert dubbed 'Early Mondays' at the Spanish Town District prison earlier this week.   
The vivacious dancehall bomb shell worked up the male prisoners into a frenzy with her sleek, sultry moves as she did songs such as her chart-rider, 'Zum Zum', released by independent record label, Cottage 9 Records, and other singles such as 'Wedge'. 
"It was a great experience, before the show, the man dem a touch me and the warder dem ah shout after them to leave me alone. Mi ask the warder if me can bruk out and him say, yes, and as mi touch the stage, mi go on the railing and start shake up miself, and the place turn upside down (laughing), and the man dem start shout mi name, 'Sanya mi waan more'. Then  mi look inna one of the prisoner face and sing 'Vice Grip' and the place buss again, rayyyyyyyy, " she said. 
Before the event ended, Sasanya returned to the stage by virtue of popular demand, and did 'Wedge', where she was joined by label mate, Shaneika as they entertained the men. Then Sasanya turned up things a notch when she went on her head and began to dance upside down to the beat of the riddim as they inmates salivated. But then when she flicked over,  the inmates almost lost their collective minds and she exited to loud cheers. 
"I thoroughly enjoyed myself," she said. 
Sasanya also gave out a bunch of posters to the inmates. 
In the meantime, the Zum Zum single, released on iTunes In July, has been getting a favourable response on local radio stations. The song also features upcoming artiste South Black. The project has been boosted by the release of a kinetic music video across a number of online platforms. The video jumped to #1 on the FIWI Choice top ten charts last week, and is in rotation on HYPE and RE TV. 
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