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S Q Records building a music empire Featured

Entertainment News Written by  AKA Thursday, 28 June 2012 12:15 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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S-Q Records is creating a reggae music dream team made up of a mix of veteran and young talented artistes in a bid to take over dancehall. Since its opening of a Jamaica division, last year the label has been making aggressive moves, signing artistes and scouring the island for young talent.

"Since we opened our label out here in Jamaica we've signed Don Sniper who we like to refer to as the Jamaican T-Pain. We've drafted DJ Kenny and think he will be a major part of the team. To us he's like DJ Khalid of Cash Money Records," Gabana said.

Lucci Gabana heads the label with his big city rap flow in much the same way as a Bird Man of Cash Money, Master P of No Limit Records or P Diddy of Bad Boy.

"We're currently looking for a young talented female singer/rapper. She's got to have that swagger like Nikki Minaj or Rihanna. I've got my eyes on Popcaan and I-Octane. I'm watching their career very closely. If the right opportunity arises I might reach out to them and make them an offer they can't refuse," Gabana remarked.

S-Q Records is putting together a dream team as the indie firm slowly builds a musical empire.

I plan to take the team around the world to perform at concerts & major events and get them appearances in tv shows  & movies, he said.

"You're also going to see a lot of collaborations with hip hop artist.  For example you might see Don Sniper and T-Pain on a track together. Or you might see DJ Kenny releasing his own tracks and videos with hip hop artists like Meek Millz or 2 Chains. We're currently organizing an international tour that will have shows in Johannesburg, Paris, Italy, Toronto, Montreal, Miami, New York, Portugal, Mexico City and London," Gabana said.

S-Q Records' artiste will team up with other huge names in the industry on that tour.

"We're going to lock down the industry. When you turn on the TV your going to see us. Wether it's an interview or our videos playing. When you turn on the radio your going to hear our songs. When you pick up the paper you're going to be reading about us. When you pass through the dance, you'll hear us too," Gabana assured.

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