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Rolhensa - Caribbean heartthrob Featured

Entertainment News Written by  AKA Tuesday, 08 June 2010 02:10 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Rolhensa is the latest Caribbean heartthrob to seek success in the mainstream music markets of the USA. The sweet St. Kitts-born babe has recorded a single called Just a Little Loving with Billboard chart-rider Gyptian.

Interviewer : You just performed on Best of the Best Memorial Concert in Miami... what was that experience like?

Rolhensha: It was a new experience for me because it was my ffirst time performing on a show in Miami. The energy I brought coupled by their energy was Amazing! I loved the fact that My fellow West Indians were well represented as well.


Interviewer : Werent u nervous performing infront that massive crowd?, I know i dont have the guts to do that...

Rolhensha: Shortly before I hit the stage I was nervous seeing the number of people But after I got on the stage and sang my first two lines and felt the energy from the crowd... I got into it and It was GREAT!

Interviewer : I heard you just did a massive Collaboration with Jamaican Reggae Star Gyptian for track entitled 'Just a lil Loving', what does that mean for you?

Rolhensha: Let me just say, every time I hear the way Gyptian sang my name it makes me melt! lol. But I definately loive the single and for me it is another step on to Bigger and Better things!

Interviewer : Whats up for Rolhensha for the near future?

Rolhensha: Near is relative but for me the Music Festival is just around the corner and I am currently preparing to put on a million dollar performance on June the 26th.I will just be working heavily on promoting my two singles... Tee and just a lil loving featuring Gyptian...My supporters can also look out for videos for both of the new hit singles.

Ofcourse, there is much more to come but for now they are TOP SECRET

Interviewer : How are you recieved in your country?

Rolhensha: Since I performed on a local show called Kittitian Superstar I have gotten overwhelming love and support from my fellow Kittitians. The thing that encourages me the most is the fact that persons FROM ALL AGES love my music and the way I perform

Interviewer : What is kittian superstar all about?

Rolhensha: it is a competition where different person enter and perform a series of songs in order to gain the title of the Kittitian Superstar. During the first rounds the general public votes via text messaging and on the finals the winner is selected by judges. The entire show is televised to increase exposure.

Interviewer : Who is Rolhensha outside the music?

Rolhensha: Rolhensha LOVES to try new things! they don't always work out for the best but I always enloy the experience. I liek to do different things with my hair... I like to go out with friends and meet new people... St. Kitts is a small place so I have practically done all there is to do here.... Next on my list though is snorkelling. The only set back is that i haven't masteredt my swimming skills yet ...sms.

Interviewer : If you were to collaborate with any 3 other artists, who would you chose?

Rolhensha: Jah Cure, nicki minaj and Etta James

Interviewer :How can persons find your music and get in contact with you?

My songs can be found on itunes for persons interested in buying. they can also be found at www.myspace.com/rolhensha or by doing a search for rolhensha on facebook.

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