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Rolexx dissed by 4th Genna Squad after playing Masicka songs

Rolexx dissed by 4th Genna Squad after playing Masicka songs

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Dancehall selector Rolexx made a report to the Constant Spring police earlier this week that he was accosted by strange men, rumoured to be from Aidonia's 4th Genna Squad, who attempted to intimidate him because he had played two Masicka songs at a party at a party called 'Girls Gone Wild' on Sunday.   
"After the part about a dozen man approach me and say mi play Masicka and a style the deejay. Mi not even know say him and Masicka inna tings. Dem approach me because mi play the two Masicka song on the Purge riddim which don't even have nothing in the song dissing...then again mi a selecta bredda mi nuh business inna artiste  feud or  beef /pork / or steak weh dem wah inna ....mi an Donia good...mi an Lav good before this...him coulda sen someone to mi or call mi....how him ago stand up an allow him friend dem fi come violate mi bredda?" Rolexx said. 
The Constant Spring police confirmed the incident which reportedly happened in the parking lot of Family Pride supermarket on Mannings Hill road.
Rolexx said that he had no idea that there was friction between Aidonia and Masicka, as the incident happened before Masicka released a diss song, 'Squeeze'. 
"Mi nuh even kno di man dem a war bredda...mi hear dem go country go duh the same thing Saturday night like is a new hobby...but di man dem fi member selecta have dawgs too and selecta bad to yu ximi," he said.
In the meantime, the incident has increased tension in the Dancehall Game between Didi and Masicka. 
Masicka, used his official Instagram page to accuse Didi of having selector strength. The caption was made under a teaser of a new song titled “Squeeze.”
Aidonia whose last Instagram post was some six days ago is yet to comment on Masicka’s diss.
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