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Ras Bogle and Black Queen kick off over sexy launch @one876 @bounce876

Ras Bogle and Black Queen kick off over sexy launch @one876 @bounce876 Featured

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Rastafarian reggae artiste Ras Bogle is ticked off at fellow artiste Black Queen over her risqué performance at a video launch party for their new single, "More".
"She violate rasta because is like she have a separate rehearsal than the one that she have with me because after we perform and me come offa the stage, she go up de wid some male dancers and dem de pon dem knee and dem face close  to her front like she ah simulate oral sex and dem ting de," he said.
"Me and Har jump off from the same night and then she go post it on youtube and people from foreign start call me and people ah say pon the comments section say 'rasta mix up inna bangarang". But mi want my fans to know mi nuh condone dem tings de. Mi a hold my militancy inna the music, certain things anno fi Rasta Bogle. That kinda livity mi Caan condone and Black Queen. Fi know better...she overdo it rasta and man try fight too hard wid dem career fi mek some loose people come derail my ting,  he said.
"Black queen take the freaky ting to a new level."
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