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Rage gets buzz with 'Fling It Up' for Platinum Camp Records

Rage gets buzz with 'Fling It Up' for Platinum Camp Records Featured

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The dancehall music industry had better sit up and pay attention. There is a new artiste in town, a ghetto sex bomb with attitude, and her name is (drum roll please). Rage. This saucy rhyme-spitter has released a new single, 'Fling It Up', recorded for the US-based indie powerhouse, Platinum Camp Records, which is blowing up all over social media, generating thousands of views in just one day. 


The artiste whose birth name is Cerine Gordon was born in St Thomas. She spent most of her life traveling to different countries but recently moved to Kingston after the death of her thirteen year old brother from whom she gained strength from never to give up on singing.


Rage is a past student of the St. Thomas technical high school where she dropped out at the last year of her school term because of personal issues. But blessed with an ambitious mind set and determination, Rage never gave up on her dreams and goals in life and so she persevered.


'' I've always wanted to become a model and a movie star who sings in movies, Someone people could look up to as an icon and a example," she said.

However, a personal tragedy sharpened her focus.

"I never really took singing serious until my brother passed away in the year of 2016, he came to me in a dream and said to me "sister a sing yuh fi sing innuh, you're going to be big and have nuff hits. when you get your first stage show come and paint my grave" . It was then I realized how talented I was and took it seriously," she said.

She linked up with producer Cornelius Daley who produced a song called 'Hot Type'.


"I then became popular on social media it was a fantastic moment for me while that song stood up. Later on I then realize I was moving a little too fast without understanding. Right there and then I met DJ Sunshine who has taught me a whole lot about the industry, built my confidence and prepared me for my next lap in music," she said.


Rage has reached a point  where other producers have begun to send beats her way, and disc jocks have begun to add her song to rotation.  Songs to watch out for include  'Owna money', 'Nuh Watch Mi', 'Bad Bitch', 'Blazing' and 'Tender Touch'.

 "There is a lot of negativity that's gonna come along, but I am prepared to face the battles because nothing will hinder me from reaching my goals," she said confidently.

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