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No Face Unknown kicked out of radio station for refusing to unmask for interview

No Face Unknown kicked out of radio station for refusing to unmask for interview Featured

Entertainment News Written by  Wednesday, 13 April 2016 08:19 font size decrease font size increase font size Media 0
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Mobay-based dancehall-reggae artiste No Face Unknown, is already gaining some amount of notoriety because of his vow to keep his identity a secret. He believes that the mystery surrounding his identity has driven interest in his music and he refuses to compromise even if he is sparking the ire of traditional media outlets.  Last weekend, he was ejected from the foyer area of a major radio station after the security guards refused to let him into the station while he was wearing the mask .


"if the security guards don't want to allow me into the studio because of my mask, that is fine, I won't do the interview then," a defiant No Face Unknown said. 

"My mask is part of my persona in music. Masks are cultural objects they have been used throughout the world in all periods since the Stone Age and used for  symbolism."

Masks have been used since antiquity for both ceremonial and practical purposes. They are usually worn on the face, although they may also be positioned for effect elsewhere on the wearer's body. Earlier this year, Police Commissioner Dr. Carl Williams asked the Office of  the Political Ombudsman to include prohibitions against the wearing of  masks on motorcades as well as public meetings to the list of offences in the political code of  conduct during the recent General Election. 


There is no law against the practice of wearing masks but it does arouse the suspicion of the police.

"I am no criminal, I have nothing to fear from the police," a defiant No Face Unknown said. "Wearing a mask is for my music and for my art."

The recording artiste wants music lovers to accept him for his musical abilities. He recently released the songs Tank Up and Happy Like This.

"I'm just creating my own style in business. I just want fans to wonder who this artiste is under the mask. The name No Face is symbolic to the direction I'm taking my career. No Face, no ego, no doubt," he said, explaining his reason for using the moniker No Face Unknown.

Within hours after unveiling photos of his new image on social media, fans began to show their approval, followed by numerous comments.

"The impact that I hope to create is starting to be felt on social media. People are curious about who is under the mask," said the artiste who is from Montego Bay, St James. "From I was a child, I wanted to sing. Music for me began in the church. I even released a Gospel song which later led to me doing work with other producers."


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