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National athlete boxed by gang member

National athlete boxed by gang member Featured

Entertainment News Written by  Thursday, 24 September 2015 05:28 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Word on the street is that that a major track superstar rented a club in Montego Bay to party with his friends, and dem get some girls to come to the club and dem a have a great time, but some people did vex say dem coulden get in and slash up some tyre/. Then after that, a member of the entourage violate a man girl, and big fight buss inna one dance, and the track superstar A team friend dem get drape and box up and couple loudas well. The athlete dem fast, dem did haffi "bolt" outta the club and tek weh demself. MOBAY MAN NO PLAY!!!!

Mi hear say a 2 million dollar Bolt spend fi rent the club, After that de entourage go a one dance and violate a 90S man woman and the man dem a bad people, so dem chip lick, and dem go kick off face settings pon the man dem and a crazy ting gwaan over the party, national athlete get box inna face. So the man dem a party, and ah dat dem pick? Violation, that's why dem get violated. 

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