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MONDAY COFFEE - Mi beat a gyal pon the weekend, RAYYYYYYYY/WHY DEM BAD MIND KARTEL???? Featured

Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Monday, 29 November 2010 03:25 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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People, the telecommunications war ah pump nuff money inna the entertainment business, teh artiste dem happy, but the country still inna big turmoil, Bruce and Brady a war, Vaz say him ah go sue Sunday Herald, war vibes inna Spanish Town, de man dem a slaughter woman like wow over Portmore, and mi friend dem say dem credit card ah kill dem. Mi inna one big traffic Saturday morning fi go over Price Smart and mi inna de line, and the woman in front of me, her bill was 267,350, the reason mi know is that the cashier did haffi say it twice, and mi see the fretration pon the lady face but she back out her credit card and whoops whoops it pay, but mi know say it lick her unda her short ribs. All the rich people dem a feel it but dem nah stop hype, me? Me have mi money but mi say AUSTERITY MEASURES, mi a cut back pon everything. Mi go do mi hair over mi home town inna Gregory Park this weekend and mi and a gyal ketch up after she and her tiefing son tek weh mi dawta money. When mi daughter come to me and go investigate, the gyal ah hype up, and a beat her chest, but dem never tell her bout me, so mi just pick up a rock, and she say me caan lick her wid it, so me show her say she wrong and claat her inna her head and the she go mek the mistake and pitch pon the ground and mi just start peppa her pon the ground, dem haffi drag mi offa her. Mi a still bad gyal, dem need fi know and recognise that!  



What a way Spice gone a foreign from early fi have her little US citizen! Her ting amp up, 8 Ball a gwaan, the store ah bring in money so she can afford fi come offa the road and mek her business dem govern her bills, and mi hear say Screechie Joe Saturdays a gwaan mad over 8 Ball.

Wah happen to Lisa Hype party last week? Mi do an early pass through rounda the car wash but mi realize say tings nuh look so good and she look stressed inna her face, but mi spend a money at the bar fi support her ting and then mi cut and touch the road, hope say it work out.


How Gaza have the place so? Dem shell down over Cling Cling Oval wicked pon Saturday night.

Why all the Alliance fans dem a hate so much pon Kartel new car? Mi see a comment weh look like a the Warlord himself have something fi say, my advice to you? Please go and settle your taxes for the Range and the Land Cruiser before yu come run off yu mouth pon one876, we nuh play wid people roun ere.

Big up Stacious, she win 1.25 million inna the celebrity cookoff and ting wid her special chicken. Mi love how yu a gwaan

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