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Mikey General releases new album Featured

Entertainment News Written by  AKA Wednesday, 13 February 2013 10:27 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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      Music critics are  raving about Mikey General’s latest album,  ‘African Story African Glory’ which pays homage to the African continent, and the strength, determination and resilience of the African people and the African diaspora.    “This is an album which means a lot to me because it has personal narratives about my own experiences and the issues which affect us as black people,” Mikey General said in a release.
  Known worldwide for his steadfast conscious lyrics and devout faith in Ras Tafari and his love for Africa it is no surprise that the album is gaining so much traction during the island’s recognition of ‘Reggae Month’ and ‘Black History Month’.
 Mikey General shows off his timeless vocals on ‘Unbelievable’ which speaks of Jah’s mercies and pleas which are granted daily. One of the best songs on the album is ‘I Blaze’ featuring Toussaint which explains his reasons for smoking marijuana, that remarkable little psychoactive plant.
 He takes a stab at the social media phenomenon with ‘Myspace’, which outlines the differences between races and countries, but at the commonalities that bind us all as members of the human race. He provides spiritual balms with ‘Guide Me’ and ‘Don’t Stress Yourself’.
 “Though we live in a world of different races, we have one common ancestor. That should be a cause for unity but instead we see a world where war, famine, hunger still prevail. It’s time we realize we are one people and we need each other to have a better future for coming generations,” Mikey General said.
 Brilliant reggae producer Paul ‘Patchy’ Wright lends his hand to ‘Streets of Glory’, and with the assistance of nyabinghi drums and percussive sounds, Mikey General sings of an idyllic afterlife, and walking the streets of glory. Wright also produces the soul-searing ‘Innocent Blood’ where Mikey General delivers social commentary about the murders in the inner city which so often are splashed in the headlines of the nation’s newspapers.
This is Mikey’s latest album and 11th studio recording and was released on the Qabalah First Music Label. 'African Story, African Glory' contains some of the best releases from Mikey General to date. Other standout tracks include the title track African Story, an urgent appeal for the youths to seek knowledge of history, and find out the truth of the past glories of African civilizations, in a bid to build self-esteem.
 African Story is arguably the best track on the album as Mikey General reaches a new height of lyricism on the single, while raising some thought-provoking issues.
 Another great track is  Yene Mar featuring Lutan Fyah where he and Lutan sing the praises of an African princess. Throughout this album,   Mikey General shows that he stays  true to his faith and the awesome responsibility of conveying uplifting messages for the people.
Mikey’s musical career has gone from strength to strength. In January 2013 he signed a management agreement with Higher Level Events which will enable him to focus on his musical talent and continue strengthening his listening audience by taking his message of peace and love to the world.
“The truth about the African story needs to be told as it is important to the healing of the global family. Rastafari live!” Mikey General said.
 The album is distributed by Ernie B Reggae www.ebreggae.com +916 941 1921 x115 and CD Baby www.cdbaby.com email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. telephone: + 1-800-289-6923.
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