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"Mi peel off him (Kiprich) stripe like banana" - Blak Ryno @RynoDiStinger @one876 Featured

Entertainment News Written by  AKA Wednesday, 01 January 2014 16:48 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Former Portmore Empire recording artiste Blak Ryno has shot down several of the 'excuses' put forward by rival Kiprich as to the reasons why he lost the Sting 2013 clash at Jamworld Entertainment Centre in Portmore.

"First of all, how him can say ah him pay me, or give me the run? Tell me something, the one year yu a clash fi $3 million, yu give it weh to yu little friend, mi no buy that. Ah good artiste, but him need fi just admit defeat and move on, mi peel off him stripe like banana...quickly," a laughing Blak Ryno said.
Since his victory at Sting 2013, he has released a new single called 'Baddest Ting' for producer "Weedseed" of Star Music in Portmore. The single appears on the Happy Day riddim alongside Sting 2013 performers Ishawna, Specialist, Don Husky, and also Anthony B to name a few.
"This Sting ah the first time Kiprich buck a real artiste, and him dead. Ah pure artiste weh pass dem prime him clash and kill onstage. Him encounter a fresh brain pon the stage and caan manage it. As a clash king, yu fi prepare fi anything, if yu have a lyrics fi Cobra, or anyone else, yu coulda put in a different name and flip it. That's why mi say gimme the belt because yu no deserve it," Ryno said.
Ryno said he had at least eight songs prepared for the clash but because of Kiprich's poor showing, he only used one song.
"Mi chat one song and two street hits, the rest was all freestyle. Even Sashae, mi never prepare for her or expect her but mi think fast and adjust miself to the situation and deal with it," he said.
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