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Marsha Morrison loves the 'Sun Life' @marshanow

Marsha Morrison loves the 'Sun Life' @marshanow Featured

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Sultry songstress Marsha Morrison commands your full attention whenever you see her perform live. Her soaring vocals and great voice control have won her fans all across the globe, but now, she is on the verge of re-igniting her career with her debut album "Ignite".

"A lot of work went into this album, and now it is complete and all be released late December 2015. I am confident that the singles will do well, it will take you on a journey with a realistic outlook on love and life. This is my first album, I have always just released singles so I am very excited," Marsha said. 

Up until now, she has been marketed through word of mouth, her music, her videos, and social media efforts. She is looking to up the ante by spiking her visibility with the release of this album. 

Dancehall fans may remember her from the hit song, 'Piece of My Heart' featuring Shaggy which hit several dancehall-reggae charts in European countries such as Italy, Germany and England. She also teamed up with Lady Saw for 'Son of a B!t@h', the answer to Shaggy's 'It Wasn't Me' that did well internationally. 

Born in Kingston, Marsha migrated to the United States at the age of 11 but maintained strong family and cultural ties with Jamaica. 

"I came back every Summer, and I was always influenced by the music, the food, the culture, I love my homeland," she said. 

One of the singles from her album, "Sun Life, reflects her love affair with island rhythms. 

"This song makes me want to jump on a cruise ship that's headed to the Caribbean, find an island and bask in the breeze," she said, laughing.

Other standout songs include 'Up' and 'Conquered'.  She is as comfortable belting out Island music, as she is cooing pop or wailing a familiar R&B number. 

"Music is my first love, if I don't do it, I feel like I have been nothing at all. I have talent, why not use it?"

She has been promoting her album, performing at shows in the tri-state area such as S.O.B in Manhattan and club shows in Brooklyn. Later this month, she will be trekking to Jamaica to visit various media houses for interviews and promotional performances. 

She is a fierce and powerful young voice moving towards something bigger. Check her out, her equal  may be a long time in coming. 

Feel free to contact Marsha's publicity team to schedule interviews by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or hit her up at @marshanow 

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