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Mark Lyttle scores hit Featured

Entertainment News Written by  AKA Wednesday, 23 January 2013 13:32 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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  The reggae music world is buzzing with talk about the powerful baritone of Mark Lyttle, a supremely talented singer-songwriter emerging in the marketplace.   The singer's single, Blackberry Kisses, has grabbed the attention of a number of disc jockeys as Mark Lyttle gets romantic sentiments across with great wit and style. A powerful baritone singer, and talented songwriter, Mark Lyttle aims to touch as many hearts as possible with his brand of positive, soulful music.
"Music is a medium to convey certain feelings and emotions, it can change the quality of a person's day, make them smile when they are down, give them hope and joy when all seems lost, that is how important it is to me," Lyttle said. 
Lyttle has a demanding nine-to-five job but still makes the time to write consistently and record music.  He is the executive producer of most of the tracks which are available online for him. He first came into the public spotlight with the powerful 'I Have No Choice'', an original song that shows off his rich, mahagony voice. He did a video for the single which coincidentally features Tony Rebel in a club watching him sing. 
"Tony Rebel heard me sing and encouraged me to pursue my gift and he gave me a strength by appearing in my video, much respect to him," Lyttle said. 
The video is in rotation on HYPE, RE, CVM and MD TV. He said that there are plans to shoot a music video for 'Blackberry Kisses' given the advance buzz on the single. 
"A lot of young people on Facebook and Twitter have been linking me about the song...some of them actually thought it was a cover of a song done by some foreign artiste, but then they found it was all me, and they are asking me for more songs," Lyttle said. 
 Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Mark Lyttle realised his talent in his late teens, while in a church choir, and his talent was propelled by a passion for music which surpassed all his other ambitions. He credits artistes such as Luther Vandross, Teddy Prendergrass and James Ingram for influencing his love of music and for providing a level of music that is inspiring and entertaining – a model he hopes to perfect. His musical skills were honed by his participation in the church choir and this is also where Mark began to develop a zeal for performing.
Encouraged by the numerous accolades he received from family, friends and church members, Mark decided to take his music to a wider audience. This, he achieved, somewhat, by his involvement with the singing group, Jesus Freaks, which was mainly a religious group and of which he was a lead singer. The group however broke up and Mark opted to utilize his singing and songwriting skills in pursuing music as a solo artiste.
After some time, though, life intervened and Mark found himself off the musical path as he pursued other ventures including a 9 to 5 job. His love for music, however, persisted and he found himself being repeatedly drawn into circles where music was dominant. This contributed to him being recalled into the musical arena where he resurrected his songwriting skills and his passion for music was reborn.
Mark Lyttle has a renewed commitment to his craft and describes his music as soulful and current, with an International flavour laced with just the right amount of Reggae. He is working with a number of new talented producers such as Dale 'Dizzle' Virgo to finetune his incredible sound.  
"There is a new movement in reggae right now, where the genre is being energised by the addition of pop, world beat and other sounds, so this is an exciting time for reggae music," Lyttle said. 
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