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Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Saturday, 26 March 2011 16:59 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Do you like Mr. Lexx's throwback hi-top hairstyle?



Natalie Storm, how yu a criticise the people dem so and yu coulda de
pon the Magnum show ah scuffle fi a buss too?

Fury, how she so mawga? The crowd quiet when she a deejay like a pin
drop. But mi love how yu deliver, some gal hot and dem pickney nuh

Yabalicious, mi caan hear wah yu saym yu need fi rise inna the morning
and run pon the sands. Yu fi Chat Say nah carry yu no weh.

Kurrency, yu image no fit yu song, Cut Eye Fan, but mi love yu energy,
yu go hard eh! When him deejay the last part, 'girl mi love how yu
look, yu woulda mek a good rastaman tun crook'

Why Ms. Kitty haffi talk so hard when she d epon the show like she and
someone ah argue? She better mind she ketch a heart attack the way she
a gwaan.

Tactical, image right, full black, yu start off strong, but yu need fi
stay pon your key

Tishana, yu projection poor, yu nah mek it past next week and mi see yu a skin out yu
nose when the judge a talk to yu, yu need fi humble.

Sojie, weh yu get da orange suit de from? Wid the green belt? The girls dem like yu flava though.
Swag pon infinity.

Mystery Jade, mi love the red hair, yu deliver well. engage the
audience, stop and talk to a few man and say 'guess what, yu a get

Ms. Kitty, how yu a gi dem long essay type analysis pon the people show?

Mr. Lead, dont get overexcited like wah Professor Nuts, yu nuh all that.

Chrissy D Diva dominate the competition, pink dress and black tights,
charisma, energy pure and real,

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