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LATEST STUDIO SHOOTING NEWS: Police hunt killer of Tower Hill dads in studio shooting Featured

Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Tuesday, 13 September 2011 01:57 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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When mi hear say Spartacus dead pon Sunday night, mi feel a way and call mi girlfriend fi talk to her, and yu know the first ting she say to me, "Spartacus get whole heap a lick so him body coulden tek it no more' so when mi say to her say is cancer, hear har now: "That ah the cumulative effect from all dem lick de weh him get'. Mi have a late New Year's Resolution fi September, mi ah go stop talk to fool-fool people. Wah kinda girl this man? Anyway, dash weh dat, ah nuff tings a gwaan, shooting ah Supa Hype studio, DI do collaboration wid Shabba, dancehall madd again.



Bwoy, mi a hear a bagga tings inna the streets say the man weh dead rounda Supa Hype studio is a top dads from Tower Hill and it nuh look good atall atall. To wah mi a hear, is a simple argument over the recording of a song so it never did haffi escalate to da level ya weh Frass get vex and lef pon bike and come back wid man, and two man get shot and the dads dead and all these things. Mi hear say is a man drape up and puff up Gyptian chest mek this whole ting gwaan and it look like it might get ugly cause ah pure serious man involve inna it. No artiste nah tek no bad up these days. But how it get to the point weh producer and artiste ah war over recording...is a wild west OK Corral ting? Wah do dem man ya inna the business man? CONDOLENCES TO THE FAMILY OF ALL THOSE INVOLVED.


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