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LATEST KARTEL NEWS: Why Kartel caan get bail on even the weed charge? Featured

Entertainment News Written by  ABENA. Friday, 11 November 2011 02:00 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Bwoy, it come in like the SYSTEM want to devour Kartel, it mek mi a wonder if him anger the Lodge man dem, or him never pay him dues, or him forget fi drink the goat blood or wah? When yu say certain tings, it must defile yu and the life weh him did a live, this must reach him because him lose himself. Well today ah 11-11-11 and mi just a pray and hope say the world no end because mi a get mi new Blackberry Touch this weekend, weh dem feel like? When mi step out inna mi Jimmy Choos, and mi new BB and mi full Gucci, is a statement ting like mi work at an accounting firm. Weh dem feel like?
People, yu nuh see Babylon nah free up Kartel, all now the forensic certificate nuh ready inna the ganja possession case, and it put off again until December 2. Right now, Kartel ah get a SPIRITUAL BEATING, ah the worst kind dat, the lawyers dem a go suck out him money, him nah mek no dollars offa stage show, Popcaan gone over Shocking Vibes, wah ah go happen when the iTunes money slow down and somebody else from Jamaica get hot inna the dancehall. That's why mi tell yu, yu caan build no mansion pon sand. BUILD IT PON THE ROCK, and that's why mi say GOD over DEVIL. Yu nuh see say not even Patrick Powell may get his bail ruling overturned, nobody nah see road right now, mi hear pon the road say nuff shotters who haffi report to police station pon charge ah get lock down right now when dem report in. Yu nuh see say ah election time,no criminal nah get no bail. Mi granny appear to me in a dream and tell me say DECEMBER 15Th ah di election date so memba say yu read it here first, folks.

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