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LATEST KARTEL NEWS: Why Kartel ah compare himself to Jesus Christ? Featured

Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Wednesday, 14 March 2012 00:04 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Kartel go pon TV and say him do believe inna God, but now that God ah beat him wid the barbed wire belt, suddenly, him believe. Mi read him piece of literary crap weh him write the other day and him lucky it never de pon a piece ah paper weh mi coulda use it and wipe my ass with it. IT'S JUST SHIT!!!! Mi just glad say him do it because dancehall boring otherwise, nothing else nah gwaan really, so at least mi have something fi chat bout weh kinda interesting this week. Why him a mention God inna anything weh him a write? Him change him mind? Suddenly, him is not an atheist anymore, or a devil worshipper. WHOI! MI hole a hurt me, wah do da hunchback bwoy ya? If him waan impress we, him better change him dutty ways and apologise to the families weh him hurt and gi dem all ah him money as restitution, mi caan presume fi know wah God woulda say, but mi have a feeling say him woulda want him to make things right. Yu check? 


At the heights of him power, him did tink say him high and mighty, ah issue out orders and all these things, and now him ah talk bout the system ungodly, NEWSFLASH KARTEL, the system nuh care bout yu, yu is just another black ghetto yute, and yu diss the Almighty, so repent and change yu God, but maybe that still nah go save yu, because yu say outta yu owna mouth say yu nuh believe. And another thing, stop compare yuself to Jesus Christ, him never send no man pon no drive by.

But don't crusade this ungodly way to distort people's views.
Mi swear my innocence before all mankind and God,
Why would I risk going to jail, leaving behind 7 children, after mi nuh mad.
I am not the first man the romans soldiers have sacrificed,
Like me, that man was not guilty, That man was Jesus Christ.

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