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Entertainment News Written by  AKA Thursday, 27 December 2012 10:43 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Kiprich was in top form at Sting this morning, slaying Merciless, Matterhorn and making a concerted attempted to kill his 'daddy', Ninjaman . However, the astute Ninjaman was too sharp to fall into Kiprich's well-laid traps and fought him to a well-earned draw, after which Ninjaman handed the undisputed title to Kiprich.  

Kiprich had clearly decided that he was going to take on both Matterhorn and Merciless, who is largely a spent force, by himself, and he was never in any danger. He easily disposed of Tony Matterhorn with a quick spit-fire lyric that ended with the punchline: 'Shebada say yu ah di best battyman'.

Matterhorn shot back at a lyric that inferred some sort of sexual relationship between Elephant Man and Kiprich and was roundly booed by the crowd. 

Kiprich, thinking quick on his feet shot back, asking 'How Ele get inna di war, him ah dancer?'



Then he slaughtered Merciless with the choice lines: 'battyman, Portmore nah harbour none/from him lef jail, yu nuh see say him meagre down?'. The crowd loved it and bayed for blood.

But the coup de grace came when Kiprich deejayed: "Merciless yu dead from last year/wah yu waan do, war mi every year?"

The crowd howled laughter. 

Ninjaman stood at the sidelines for most of the match, interjecting at one time that :"Kiprich ah kill the two ah dem, mi ah go bury dem bumboclaat this morning".


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