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Klaryti steps out of Red Rat's shadow @one876 Featured

Entertainment News Written by  AKA Wednesday, 02 April 2014 18:44 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Super-talented recording artiste Klaryti is not daunted by the challenge of walking in the footsteps of his older brother Red Rat as an recording artiste.

He is pushing two new singles, ‘Thank You Mama’ and 'Pray Fi Dem' which he has sent to disc jockeys all over the world. The singles are also available online and the response from industry insiders has been encouraging so far.
"I will be shooting a medley video for the two songs with the most buzz, "Today is a Good Day" and "Pray fi Dem' in April to give people visuals and boost my presence in the marketplace. It's just like any business. It is all in how you promote. Let the people decide if you have a great product or not," he said.
Dubbed “The voice of the majority: Klaryti”, he is well known in dancehall music circles as the brilliant drummer “Drum Rat”, in deference to his work for several top notch dancehall and reggae artistes at live shows and on iconic albums. The name is also a nod of the hat to his uncanny resemblance to his brother, dancehall superstar “Red Rat”, his brother.
He is now stepping out of the background to explore his talent as a recording artiste.
“I have been always been an artiste even when I was drumming for all the artistes. At the time the higher demand was for me to be a drummer, but I was still recording my music and doing production, so if you think about it I have always been an artiste from the start… This is something that I've always wanted to pursue, but I never had the opportunity or the time. That time is now,” he said.
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