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Kartel Drops Addi's Fashion Line Featured

Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Monday, 07 February 2011 04:15 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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New York, Spanish Town, Miami, Portmore, Kingston, mi ready fi dem again. Mi see people ah ask question bout wah happen to me, how mi get so boring and a bagga tings? But dem a gwaan like my life curry, mi ah go through a rough little ting wid mi babyfather, mi and him lef fi good this time, and mi loves him so it mash up mi head, ah just so the ting go. Mi a try get back inna the Dating Game but it hard, dem man outta road freaky and have dutty mind and mi caan carry any and any man go close to my daughter, suppose him have a Zebra heart? People, outta road nuh nice, the other night, mi horny bad and gi this crosses man a chance fi come eat mi pussy and yu shoulda see wah the man ah do? Him actually bite me pon mi clitoris and think that sexy and when him ah eat mi pussy, him ah chap him mouth like a real country man ah eat hot rice under one mango tree, people, mi almost never come the way mi a dead wid laugh. All mi know, him caan see much less smell my little va-jay-jay again, ah dat mi say!!!!!!


From last week, mi hear say Addi's Fashion line ah drop and mi hear say it wicked,
casual wear


Mi hear say Reggae Queen have a new gun tune weh a shot hard, plus IRIE FM ah
beat out her new combination song wid Honormosity, the one wid the sex-inna-car metaphors
and ting, gwaan Reggae Queen.

Mi tell yu say that there is a curse pon the talent contest dem. why the people dem who win
caan amount to nothing? Only Romaine Virgo and maybe Chris Martin mi woulda say have a ting
a gwaan fi dem and dem still no reach no weh yet. Ah three years since Virgo win, and him no have
a real number one, Chris Martin ah go Europe but him no have no real hit weh ah tek the market.
Tiki tun Christian, Bumpa ah breed, and Baby Tash did a look promising but she ah Ray Alexander
fall out and her career ah stall. WHo the hell is Singa Jah?Nobody nuh memba him.

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