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KARTEL CANNA CROSS IT at Reggae Sumfest 2011 Featured

Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Friday, 22 July 2011 04:16 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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The music industry ah buzz with talk say Corey Todd, Notnice and Milla9 punk out Kartel this morning at Reggae Sumfest. The three ah dem stand up at the foot of the stairs leading up to the stage from bout when Idonia did a perform and dem no move the whole night, even when the deejay ah go perform. When the deejay look cross and see the three man dem perform, him decide say him nah go "cross it" and go over de fi pass dem fi go onstage because de man dem look like dem up to something. So all when the female security ah tell him which step fi use, him refuse and then him drop the riddim fi Vybz Party and send up Shawn Storm first, then Papi, but when him go up, him deejay the song the normal way and say "something fi me, something fi Ryno", instead of the something fi me, nothing fi Ryno so some people tink say him lose him meds. Crazy people ah big up Corey and Milla 9 fi stand up de the whole night and challenge Kartel.


All the one Notnice nuh easy either, him de de ah pree de whole ting and a laugh. How Kartel say him a bad man and fraid fi walk past man? Ah really Milla 9 him fraida suh? Anyway, him need fi learn how to perform wid a band, him perform good still and mi see him did a try work the crowd but after ten minutes, everybody start walk out, the people dem who did throw cups was some Killer fans but ah Kartel get one of the biggest forwards fi the night but even his owna fans say him need fi stop shortchange the people and perform on a band. How yu fi sign the day before Sumfest and not even rehearse? Big up Nuffy fi the wicked call out yu give Addi.

As to the other performers, Mavado was wicked, him mash up the place wid Delilah, Star Bwoy and Peppa btut why him keep running off the stage for the emcee to carry him up back. Jahvinci SHELL down the place inna him first performance, the man is an incredible talent, him shell it down wicked a capella wid In My Life and the fire torches never normal, Beenie Man give the best performance fi the night, Octane get the most high-powered forwards, crazy bottle torchs, and Khago surprise dem wicked, the little yute is a wicked performer, mi love how him deal wid it, mi Blood a Boil. And that song, Nah Sell Out Mi Friend Dem is a real classic, mi love how him deal wid Octane wicked and then polish it off back inna the end, Jamaican people love the almshouse.

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