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Jermaine Micheal goes RASTA? Featured

Entertainment News Written by  AKA Friday, 03 February 2012 02:45 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Stashment Records artiste Jermaine Micheal has recorded a hot new combination single with Etana called 'Who Is Responsible for This?' that has been getting a lot of airplay on IRIE FM. Micheal, who placed third in Digicel Rising Stars a few years ago, has also appeared to change his image, igniting questions whether he has adopted a rastafarian lifestyle and image.


WHO'S RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS Jermaine michael feat Etana by millsydon

He confirmed that he has adopted a Rastafarian image and lifestyle.

"Mi ah ease into Rastafari on a more serious level but I was always a roots man naturally, mi know about the soil, the herbs and the roots and know dem tings de give you energy and vitamins, and mi always pree things on a natural level because there used to be times mi woulda mek mi face and hair bush up and
dem tings de," he confided to one876entertainment.com.

"During Rising Stars, I had to be clean cut for the girls and the television audience, but in the end, the real you, your real personality has to come out and shine."

Micheal scored a top ten hit last year with 'Cornerstone', but it is his recent radio hit, Who's Responsible for This?' featuring Etana which is generating a lot of insider buzz on Twitter and other social networks.

"Yea, man, people love the song and mi feel great with the response because it is a personal song for me because it was written in response to the crisis, the pressure, the pain that mi see people feeling around me. Everyone ah feel it so mi put miself inna the situation and ask the question: who is responsible for this?'. We feel say ah the bigger heads, mi have a clue but we still have to ask the question on behalf of everyone who is struggling right now."


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